Did anyone think these racist, homophobic houseguests of Big Brother 15 could get any worse? Well, I personally didn’t and was hoping they were just some rough patches and they would realize how dumb they might look on camera, seeming everything they say or do is caught on camera. I really think they haven’t grasped that concept yet on Big Brother 2013 because they just aren’t smart enough. We have new Big Brother 2013 spoilers below and give you a recap of the Live Feeds from Sunday!


I don’t know where CBS went searching to find the Big Brother 2013 cast, but they need to search some new places for next summer’s houseguests. The majority of them are young, dumb and full of themselves. Hearing and seeing what these people do just makes me want to slap them so much…anyone else? Check out the latest activity from Sunday, June 30th right here, thanks to Big Brother Network (photos included):

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  • 10:45 AM (Big Brother Time) – McCrae, Amanda and Andy do some talking in the HoH room and they want Aaryn gone as soon as possible (don’t we all). They know they need Candice on their side to make things happen, which might not be a hard thing to do since Candice and Aaryn got into over Aaryn’s cowboy hat and Candice allegedly bent it. The fight erupts again later over the same damn bend!
  • 10:50 AM (BBT) – Homophobic slur: Spencer says to David, “Andy is cool. He’s just a fruit.”
  • 2:20 PM (BBT) – Aaryn talks with David and admits that some of the things she said the day before shouldn’t have been said. Is she getting wiser?
  • 4:04 PM (BBT) – David joins the bunches with racist comments. Apparently the sheets smell and his reasoning for it: “black Candice.” Realizing what he said, he laughs: “they’re going to get that. That was totally racist.” Ugh!
  • 6:25 PM (BBT) – Aaryn can’t get past the fight with Candice and is annoyed when people say “axed” instead of “asked.” Such a classy girl on Big Brother 2013!
  • 6:50 PM (BBT) – David and Aaryn in the bathroom and start kissing. She jumps back and yells, “no tongue on camera!” Remember everyone, this is a classy lady we are dealing with and she can’t do THAT on camera.
  • 7:30 PM (BBT) – Did the Big Brother 15 cast get talked to??? Amanda jokes (in a BB voice): “HouseGuests, do not make racial slurs against other HouseGuests.”
  • 7:45 PM (BBT) – The lecture didn’t work, as GinaMarie and Aaryn talk to the camera and ask America to vote for them as MVP. That’s funny, especially when GinaMarie proceeds to say that Candice is on the dark side (opposing side) of the house “because she’s already dark.” To top her, Aaryn responds with: “be careful what you say in the dark, you might not see the bitch.” Again, where did CBS find these people???
  • 10:43 PM (BBT) – HouseGuests find alcohol…trouble will ensue.
  • 11:30 PM (BBT) – Not even an hour later, Jeremy spends some time talking to the camera. Why? Well, he tells Elissa’s husband to divorce her. Why? I guess because how ugly she is and Jeremy wants to defecate on her face. Besides the pooping on Elissa’s face, he also wishes that ugly people weren’t born. Do they have mirrors in the Big Brother 2013 house?
  • 12:45 AM (BBT) – Kaitlin yells at Jeremy for being a jerk.
  • 12:57 AM (BBT) – The damn hat fight continues between Candice and Aaryn.
  • 1:30 AM (BBT) – Judd, Amanda and Andy agree that things would be better in the house with Aaryn gone (amen)!

I am speechless, so just check out some photos here:

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