We had our third live eviction show on Big Brother 2013 last night and we saw Jeremy voted off in a resounding 9-1 vote by the other HouseGuests (Kaitlin stayed true to her man and voted for Spencer). We were also informed of a new twist on Big Brother 15 and that America is Big Brother MVP for Week 4 and we get to vote for the third nominee! This is a huge twist, as long as America gets it right! The HouseGuests were already scrambling last night, but not in the proper way. Find out what happened in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Judd and AarynPhoto Credit: BigBrotherGossip.com

First of all, big props to Judd for winning Head of Household for Week 4. I think he can bring the excitement back into the house that has been lacking since everyone knew Jeremy was going home. With this new twist with the MVP, Big Brother host Julie Chen mentioned it to the HGs and said to always expect the unexpected. This scared Judd and he hates being HoH this week.

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No need to worry because it seems that certain people in the house want to control Judd and tell him how to run the house. Amanda is adamant on getting Howard out this week and wants Judd to backdoor him. Problem is: Judd wants a girl out this week and everyone thinks Elissa will win MVP again and they can control that vote, but that is not the case this week! Also helping to run the show: Helen, who gave Judd a training on how to feed the fish in the HoH room! She needs to let go of the reins.

Judd’s initial thought it to put GinaMarie and Kaitlin on the block and maybe even to backdoor Elissa! To be honest, I like that plan. I have been a fan of Elissa’s all season, but if you want to talk about someone with a lot of power. She will win Big Brother MVP all season long as long as she is in the house, so that is huge for the nominees each week. Judd is smarter than we all think!

After a few Coronas, Judd is convinced that he will nominate Kaitlin and GM, which would then lead me to believe that Aaryn would be the third nominee based on how America votes. I think it is a given the nominee will be Aaryn by America, right? And Judd seems to be promising safety to Aaryn.

We will find out later today on who Judd puts on the block for Week 4 on Big Brother 2013, but I don’t think he is going to be making many friends this week as HoH. I think he is going to play his own game and not make moves to please people, or at least that is what I hope. Kaitlin is a threat and wins the challenges, so she might go over Aaryn. I think Aaryn is going to sneak by weekly because she is such an evil person and everyone thinks they can beat her.

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