We all knew that Sunday would be a pretty boring day in the Big Brother 2013 house, as the HouseGuests just sit and prepare themselves for the Power of Veto Ceremony today and find out who the renom will be for Elissa, who will be taking herself off the block on Big Brother 15. Not much happened, besides the same talks from the last couple days and we also saw a Big Brother proposal. Get all scoop in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below.

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Amanda and McCraePhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

From the Live Feeds on Saturday night, we saw that the HGs started to celebrate McCrae’s birthday. Amanda got in some skimpy clothes and put on a strip/dominatrix show for McCrae. Some comments were made by Elissa and the tears started flowing from Amanda (gotta love the power of alcohol). Now it is time for damage control the next day!

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Elissa feels she did nothing wrong and claims she was not drunk, but the other HouseGuests think differently. Amanda and Elissa do talk and Amanda apologizes and says she overreacted, but no apology from Elissa. I used to like Elissa, but she has been rubbing me the wrong way lately on Big Brother 2013. I think the MVP thing is going to her head.

Speaking of Big Brother MVP, it appears that the HouseGuests are still torn between what is happening this week with that. Julie Chen announcing expect the unexpected and Elissa being named the MVP nominee has them all overthinking it. Some of them, including Andy, think America is MVP. Some of them, including Spencer, think Elissa was MVP again and put herself up to throw people off.

Judd is trying to convince people that the real target this week should be Kaitlin, seeming she won a competition and made it to the tiebreaker in three other ones (I know Judd is smarter than people think he is). People are starting to get on board with him and Aaryn might be saved again, but whoever gets that third nominee from America during the PoV Ceremony today could throw the whole game into a loop! Today is going to be fun to watch!!!

Amanda does continue her evict Howard mode again on Big Brother 2013 and McCrae convinces her to calm it down some and she is putting a target on her back, but how long will she take his advice? Hopefully long, since McCrae got down on one knee and proposed to Amanda with the ring he made her. The BB wedding will happen later this week.

The Power of Veto Ceremony will happen sometime today and I will be delivering those results to you. If it is Amanda, then shit is going to hit the fan and this week just got a lot more fun!!!

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