We haven’t reached the Power of Veto Ceremony yet today and there is still hope in the Big Brother 2013 house of a possible backdoor to Amanda, but I think all the talk of backdooring her happens when they get some alcohol in their system. Um, can we do the Veto Meeting while they are tipsy??? It was an exciting day in the Big Brother 15 house and Aaryn is starting to see the light, but then it gets blocked by Amanda very quickly!!! Check out the highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Helen and AmandaPhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

So, the day started with some cleaning of the bathroom by Helen and Elissa after BB told them it needed to be cleaned! They do some talking and Helen is getting paranoid because Spencer seems pretty calm for someone that is about to go home. Elissa tells her that she thinks Helen is the target! Let the fun begin!!!

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Every attempt at backdooring Amanda has failed up to this point because they never have the votes and they just want to do what the house wants to do. From the sounds of it, the house wants to backdoor Amanda, but she is the most vocal one in the house and the loudest, so those other thoughts are being squashed!

Helen talks with Aaryn in the HoH room and it goes back and forth all day and night. Throw in some alcohol later on and it is a real mess. Aaryn admits that she is doing the dirty work for Amanda and knows she is on the bottom of their alliance. She knows this, but she won’t put Amanda on the block? This is your chance….do it!!!

Aaryn sounds almost convinced and Andy is thrown into the bunch and he says whatever they want to hear to save face, but then runs to McCranda to tell them everything. Up comes Amanda and it starts one of many fights between Aaryn and Amanda for the night on Big Brother 2013. The funny thing: McCrae and Andy both tell Amanda to shut up and keep that damn mouth of hers quiet because she is close to going on the block and starting arguments with Aaryn is not helping her case. We all know that doesn’t go well and Amanda is and will always be right and everyone has to agree with her. And, of course, she yells at McCrae at one point for not supporting her or sticking up for her.

Here’s a couple things I don’t understand:

  1. Andy and Aaryn talk and they would rather take GinaMarie (who got on board with backdooring Amanda) to the Final 3 over McCrae and Amanda because they can’t beat her. However, here is your chance to take out Amanda and you are too afraid?
  2. Spencer is an idiot. Hearing of the backdoor Amanda plan, he is ready to go to Aaryn and campaign to be put on the block. If Amanda does go on the block, he states he wouldn’t vote for her. Now is this his act of lying to save face and just let them hear what they want to hear? The Diary Room will tell us more on that situation. The Spencer from the beginning of the season wanted Amanda gone and she was going to ruin the Moving Company. He changed his mind on her?

When all was said and done for the night on Big Brother 2013, the renom today would be Spencer and Helen remains the target. She will do some heavy campaigning before that Veto Meeting, but Amanda will be right there to knock it all down. Aaryn knows she is doing the dirty work for Amanda and knows she is the bottom of the 3AM alliance. If she knows those are true and knows she is getting blood on her hands no matter what, why not put Amanda on the block and go with it? I’m dying for that PoV Ceremony today….the results will be crucial!

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