I was hoping for more fireworks this week on Big Brother 2013, but it appears we might have a few here and there, but not a big show like I was expecting! Monday in the Big Brother 15 house consisted of the Power of Veto Ceremony and then everything that unraveled after that. To give you a clue: Amanda and Elissa made dinner for all the HGs and poison was not an ingredient! Get some of the highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Andy and JuddPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

The day started with Andy still trying to convince Elissa that GinaMarie was the better option to go on the block as the renom and she definitely had his vote for Aaryn. She doesn’t seem to care to listen to anyone and telling people that being on the block is part of the game…yeah, just ask Spencer!

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The Veto Meeting was held and apparently it got a little dirty! Amanda tried to use a Rachel Reilly quote and saying no one comes between her and her man. Elissa told her to sit down trash bag. Yeah, I am excited to see what CBS decided to show us tomorrow night on Big Brother 2013!!! McCrae came down and Andy went on the block, so Aaryn and Andy are our nominees for Week 9.

McCranda had a plan to immediately get to Judd after the Veto Ceremony and tell him they were always planning to keep Andy and the three of them make a one week deal of safety. Judd later confirmed he did not intend to stick that deal!

The target this week is Aaryn and everyone seems to be on board with voting her out. She seemed to accept it and was going to go out happy, but then her meds stopped working and she decided to throw everyone under the bus in an attempt to stay in the game. She knows she did all of Amanda’s dirty work and tries to work it with Elissa to stay and guarantee she will put up McCranda as HoH. This after Amanda and Aaryn have a cryfest and Amanda tells her she was the only one working for her.

Amanda tried the torturing Elissa thing for a little while, but McCrae tells her that everyone is annoyed by it and she needs to stop. This is where it gets good. Amanda cried a lot yesterday. She cried with Aaryn and said this is the first week she is not getting her way with the eviction. Amanda cried with Elissa and they made up after both drinking some wine. Amanda cried with McCrae because of their fighting and he talked with Elissa and Amanda admitted her social game is gone, so now she has to win all the competitions from here on out! Really???

The other big point of the day is this new alliance: The Exterminators! It involves Andy, Judd, Spencer and GM. I don’t see it lasting, but then there are moments on Big Brother 2013 where I think Andy is legit about it. I know he is just trying to save his butt this week, which he seems to have done. He did talk to Spencer and it seems like they realize they need to breakup McCranda and it should be next week. They waiver back-and-forth between it being Amanda or McCrae first, but they seem to realize that a lot of people want Amanda out of the house.

I just don’t what to think. McCranda win HoH and Andy is right back in their pocket and scheming to get Elissa out, who would be the target. If Judd or GM win, then The Exterminators are still in business. The winner of the HoH determines how long this new alliance lasts. Amanda still has her suspicions on Judd, so would Andy stop her from putting him up? Doubtful.

One last thing, McCrae is determined there will be some kind of event in the house today. He tries to explain it to Judd and Spencer, but nothing understandable on the feeds. He has been pretty good picking the comps this season, so can he be right about something going down today on Big Brother 2013?

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