It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 2013 house, but after a double eviction the night before it seemed like the HouseGuests didn’t have it in them yet to start some drama on Big Brother 15. Andy is our new HoH for Week 7 and that just means a boring week with Howdy Doody as the ringleader. None of these HGs want to make big moves and the only one that will (Aaryn) is only doing it to stay in the game and doing what Helen tells her to do…the blood is off Helen’s fingers. Check out some highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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The day consisted mainly of some game talk, but really trying to convince the two nominees that they both will be safe this week. For the Nomination Ceremony for Week 7, Andy seemed to listen more to what Amanda was telling him and put up Spencer and Jessie. There is a Final 4 alliance between Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy. Helen trusts Andy, but I think she needs to rethink that.

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Jessie is the target and if she wins veto then GinaMarie will go up and she will be the target, but Amanda wants it to be Spencer. Amanda and McCrae have talked about backdooring Helen and Helen has mentioned about maybe going after Amanda this week. Andy shot down that plan and said it isn’t the right time to make that move. Is these ever a time on Big Brother 2013 to make A move???

That Final 4 alliance wants Jessie gone, but Aaryn wants Spencer gone over Jessie. She was actually coaching Jessie last night and prepping her for the Veto competition today….what?!?!? Someone in the house realizes that Jessie is not that huge of a threat???

Because this week seems to be decided already, Amanda and McCrae were talking about further down the road on Big Brother 2013. They are convinced that they will make Final 2 and trying to decide who to bring with them to Final 3. Amanda suggests Elissa since she can’t win anything, but she must have forgotten that Veto competition she won. One is better than zero, which is what Amanda has going for her right now!

We’ll have the Power of Veto competition today for Week 7 and hopefully something good can come from that. A reader suggested (and I love the idea) and GinaMarie getting picked to play in it and winning it. She then takes Jessie off the block and Andy would be forced to put one of his own up!!! You know they would go after Spencer anyways, but it would still make it exciting to see that person fight for some votes. Andy would go with the easy target and put up Aaryn…I’m fishing for some excitement here, people!!!

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