Nothing like a little excitement and fighting the night before a live eviction show on Big Brother 2013 to help rev things up, especially with a double eviction on the horizon. The battle was between Amanda and GinaMarie and went on for quite some time and featured some pretty low blows and a face-to-face confrontation that was stopped by Judd. Amanda may have controlled a lot of Big Brother 15, but she is not the smartest gal! Check out some highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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So, most of the day was lame and featured the new best friends (Amanda and Elissa) trying to get under the skin of GM and Judd. They both kept making comments all day to get them riled and it eventually worked. I’ll explain that soon, but it seems Amanda is pretty confident that she will be staying and Spencer is a goner. McCrae is a little worried about Andy and how he will vote, but Amanda says he is a lock (he isn’t).

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Judd is going nuts because he has no cigarettes and he is ticked at production. He wants an e-cigarette, but no luck there. This could be why he came out of the Diary Room so angry the other night. He gets angry with Elissa, but apologizes later.

So, GinaMarie and Amanda fight on Big Brother 2013. It all started with the fact that GM promised the HoH bed and toom to McCranda for the night earlier in the week. There was drama with GM having to sleep in the same bed that her and Nick slept in. Elissa said she was going to take a nap in it one more time before GM moved down and gave the room to McCranda (even though earlier in the week she said she was not giving it to them).

Elissa taking a nap and a smirk from Amanda let to a huge blowout. It started small, but then it just got uglier and uglier. Names were called and low blows were thrown from both sides. We talked about prescription and illegal drug use, pregnancies, eating disorders and whatever else these girls thought would hurt the other. They got in each other’s faces at one point, but Judd stopped them.

Then it stopped and Amanda went off crying. McCrae didn’t defend her, so he was in the doghouse. Andy and Spencer giggled at times, so she was over them when they tried to console her. How can Amanda expect McCrae to defend her when he will still be playing in the game? She doesn’t play the game smart, especially when fighting with the HoH the night before an eviction. It could end tied and you go off on the one person who could save you???

GM later apologizes (no apology from Amanda) and McCranda gets the HoH room for the night on Big Brother 2013. They still seem pretty confident on Amanda staying, so it looks like it will be a huge blindside come tonight!

The Exterminators did a little planning for a possible double eviction tonight (good thinking). They will blame McCrae or Elissa for the vote, depending on if either of them win Head of Household. If Elissa, then they tell McCrae changed the vote last minute for an all-guy alliance and Elissa will be ticked and is anti-all-guy alliances. If McCrae, then they tell him Elissa was playing them all week. It could work, but I secretly want Elissa to be playing them all this week and wins HoH and takes out Andy and his rattiness!

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