The Big Brother 2013 cast will finally be introduced to us tonight on Big Brother 15, but before Big Brother host Julie Chen does that we can look at some Big Brother 2013 spoilers and see a sneak peek at the Big Brother 2013 premiere! How about a look at the new houseguests as they walk into the Big Brother 15 house? Or maybe a first look at the first Head of Household competition? Check them out below and then come back tonight for our Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and meet the new cast with us!

Big Brother 2013 Premiere

Tonight is going to be filled with meeting the houseguests and finding out even more details about all the twists for Big Brother 15! Besides that, it looks like we might even get into our first HoH competition for Big Brother 2013 and it looks quite interesting!!!

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We are less than three hours away from that Big Brother 15 premiere and we cannot stand the wait! I’ll have a Live Recap right here on for you to follow along with all the other fans of the site!

Before than, check out the photos released by CBS with the houseguests arriving and doing some hanging:

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