We may have had boring times this season on Big Brother 2013, but I think the HouseGuests were all planting the seeds to make for a very exciting finish to Big Brother 15. Alliances were formed every week and it all lead to them working together and no one wanting to go against the house. Boring, right? Well, that also leads us to that big group of HGs now needing to work against one of the alliance members or showmances and it is making for fun viewing of the live feeds. We just had our Power of Veto competition and get the results in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Elissa and Judd

For Week 10’s PoV competition, the following houseguests participated:

  • GinaMarie – HoH
  • Amanda and McCrae – Nominees for Week 10
  • Andy, Spencer and Elissaalso selected to play

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The HGs all seem content with one of the lovers going home this week on Big Brother 2013. Actually, we all want both of them to go this week during the double eviction show, right? The winner of the veto will help determine that. The competition is now done and the winner of the veto for Week 10 is McCrae!

So, he seemed to be the target and now I guess we shift to Amanda and she will be a hot mess ALL WEEK! GM will probably renom Andy or Spencer, but it shouldn’t matter.

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