We are only a few hours away from a new episode of Big Brother 2013 tonight on CBS and we are giving you some Big Brother 2013 spoilers with a sneak peek at Episode 12 below! The big focus on tonight’s episode: who America nominated as the third nominee as Big Brother MVP for Week 4! Lots more will happen, so check out the preview below and then come back tonight for my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and watch me as it all goes down!


Every day I bring you more and more Big Brother 2013 spoilers, so that way all the fans of BigBigBrother.com can be on the same page! These new shows on CBS help get us all caught up to speed and also gives us a chance to see some things we may have missed in those spoilers.

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Tonight’s new episode of Big Brother 15 will focus on the MVP nominee for Week 4, which was picked by America. Then we have the Power of Veto Competition followed up by the Power of Veto Ceremony. When the episode is all done, we will have the final three nominees for Week 4 on Big Brother 2013 and it will be time for the HouseGuests to scramble around trying to figure out who to evict!

Check out the sneak peek here and then come back tonight for my Live Recap and watch along with us:

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