Another exciting night on Big Brother 2013 tonight and what a night it was. CBS likes to make the Head of Household competition run over and make us all wait for the results on the Sunday night show. Not so much with us here at Big Big Brother! We have the results from the HoH competition for Week 10 on Big Brother 15! Check them out below in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - GinaMarie

They dressed up as bunnies and had to get eggs through the wire netting. We were left on the show on CBS with GinaMarie and Andy with two eggs and the remaining HGs had one egg. The first HG to get to 12 eggs will be the new HoH on Big Brother 2013!


The Live Feeds never showed us any more of the competition, but it definitely gave us the winner and the new HoH for Week 10 is GinaMarie!!! Yup, the bunny won the hopping contest!

Where do we go from here? Well, she is on The Exterminators with Andy, Judd and Spencer and they said they would put up McCranda. However, Amanda is on her instantly and said Aaryn will be proud of her when she sends home Elissa and Elissa made enemies, so GM won’t have to make any waves. Amanda is convinced GM will put up Elissa and probably Judd, but she will not be leaving GM alone until those nominees are announced!

Then The Exterminators celebrate the victory and McCranda going on block and GM wants to see one of them go home this week! Yup, this is going to be a great week on Big Brother 2013 and it all ends with a Double Eviction next Thursday!!!

Also, it looks like Judd and Spencer will be wearing the chicken suits for the next 48 hours!

We found out on the Live Feeds! Get your two-day free trial here!!!

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