Since we had such an eventful night/morning yesterday on Big Brother 2014 after the live eviction show Thursday night, we all knew that these HGs on Big Brother 16 would not be up to much on the holiday. Well, that was almost the case until late in the night! We had a lovers’ quarrel and probably not between who you think it would be! Check out the highlights below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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During the day, nothing really happened. Caleb, being ex-military, got emotional and was crying because of the holiday. It made him almost seem likable, but then he’ll always screw it up somehow. Amber was being nice to him (probably not to set him off), so Caleb was in a good mood most of the day!

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The HGs got some cake and booze to celebrate the holiday and then the fun started. Victoria got a little buzz going on and got emotional because no one likes her and the guys aren’t interested in the princess. Jocasta and Nicole give her a hard time for being demanding with everyone and not using the word “please” and this sets off Victoria even more. Then Zach hugs her and everything is all better.

And then Derrick started doing a little undercover work and working over Caleb. The house wants Paola to go home before Brittany, but Devin and Caleb want Brittany gone and they are afraid of going against them. Well, Derrick is trying to see if Caleb would go against what Devin wants, since it is personal of him wanting Brittany gone. Derrick uses Amber in the argument and what if Amber would want Brittany to stay!

That is all Caleb needed and he confronted Devin on the situation and the lovers got into a little tiff! Caleb said Devin just wanted him gone for personal reasons and the women in the house are intimidated by him. Devin said Caleb is only doing things because it is what Amber wants. There were side conversations by both sides, but then Devin came back to Caleb and said the alliance is over!!!

This can only get good, as now they seem to have Caleb on-board of getting Devin out the door. However, we could see Devin put Caleb up as a renom depending on who wins Power of Veto! It looks like that will happen today, but this could get real fun depending on who wins. Devin either outs the Bomb Squad alliance or apologizes and cries even more!

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