Just when I thought I could not get more frustrated with people in the Big Brother 2014 house, they go and do something new and that hatred tends to grow even bigger. Have I mentioned before that I hate Team America? If not, I do! I think this twist on Big Brother 16 has been a total flop and has been a way to ruin the game of one particular HG (Zach). Check out the highlights from Sunday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Cody and CalebPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

Based on what happened in the Big Brother 2014 house yesterday, there are a few things I want to focus on and go from there. Here we go!

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TEAM AMERICA: They started their new mission of stealing personal items from people and were hiding them in a bag in the recycling bin. They got all the items and then people started to notice things missing. It started out as fun and blaming Victoria, but then it got ugly and the blame went to Zach, of course. They all think he is a saboteur, even though he denied it. Frankie was pushing this big time (even when it was only him and Zach in the HoH room alone)! Now Frankie has this to justify him putting up Zach today as the renom at the Veto Meeting on Big Brother 16.

RENOM RULE: Production used to care about rules, but not any more. The HoH is not supposed to be able to tell the person they are going up as a nominee or renom. Frankie came out and told Zach that he was going on the block. People want the rule to be enforced and not allow Zach to go on the block. While it would be nice, it will never happen. Devin went and told all four nominees earlier this season that they were going on the block and nothing came of it.

DERRICK DUST: I find this so odd, but Zach seemed to be okay with leaving and said he would vote for Derrick to win it all if he makes it to F2. Every person in that house thinks Derrick will win. However, not one of them has ever mentioned putting Derrick up on the block. I take that back, I think Donny mentioned it one time. Everyone else is afraid to mention Derrick and block in the same sentence.

FAILED MISSION: The neighborhood has started and Derrick and Caleb were manning the station (they need two people on duty at all times). However, it is only Donny manning the station now, so failed mission, right? Another failed mission, but at least Frankie can justify his actions today.

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