Just when you think you know what is going on in the Big Brother 2014 house, these HGs go and change things up and now we have a whole new night ahead of us! Sure, the double eviction on Big Brother 16 will happen tonight, but it could be a whole new game and all new targets. The house is flipping and it comes while the main target is sleeping! Check out the Live Feeds highlights from yesterday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Caleb and FrankiePhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

Most of the day was quiet and the HGs were probably sleeping or Nicole and Donny were talking about Zach going home and who they would target next if Donny won HoH, which he said would be Christine and Caleb with Frankie as a renom. How much do I love that plan???

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The HGs got a mid-way party for Big Brother 16 and got pizza, cake, pasta and beer. Caleb had a few beers and this must have gotten his brain working, which is bad for the good guys! He talks with Frankie and doesn’t understand why they would be voting out Zach, since he is in their alliance and is a number for them. The issue I have: what alliance is Caleb even talking about? He still thinks he is with the Bomb Squad members, but they have all made other alliances around him while he was obsessing over Amber.

However, he gets Frankie’s brain working and it is downhill from there. The Detonators (minus Zach) all meet and decide that Hayden and Nicole are playing everyone and they need to go next and Zach needs to stay. He cannot be trusted, but he is a number for them and he would not go after any of them. At some point, Derrick was getting pissed because he could not speak to Cody alone because Frankie and Christine would always be present!

Everything that Hayden, Nicole and Donny have been working at this week is blown up and now Zach nows about it, however they never tell him they were all in on it! Just that they were trying to blindside Zach at tonight’s vote, but they have the numbers to keep him. They didn’t tell him that he didn’t have the votes a couple hours ago until Caleb changed everyone’s mind! Christine and Frankie know that Haycole would come after them next.

While this all sucks, at least it brings some excitement and not another unanimous vote tonight! However, The Detonators are now after Hayden, Nicole and Donny! I don’t like that plan, which is why Hayden or Donny need to win the HoH tonight. Donny is my first choice because he is going to stick to his plans and not be persuaded into anything, but Hayden could possibly be.

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