A few things of interest happened on the Big Brother Live Feeds yesterday and I’ll hit on those here, but the HGs are thinking Double Eviction tonight on Big Brother 2014 and that seems to be their main topic of conversation. Not sure if they were told or not, but the HGs also think their last day in the Big Brother 16 house is September 17, so they know people have to start going and soon for that to work out (they actually are there until September 24). Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Nicole knows her fate in the game and decided to get drunk because of it. She did ask Caleb why he is Beast Mode Cowboy because he has done nothing in the game! She did spill all the beans to Derrick about people and her thoughts on who would win and who the jury likes and so on. Earlier in the day, Nicole questioned Derrick about everything she tells him gets back to Cody and he rode her hard for this and brought her to tears and she apologized. I guess you don’t question him, huh?

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The Have Nots are done for Big Brother 16. I feel they have been a disappointment this season, as no comps to determine who they are and everyone volunteering instead, well everyone but “poor circulation” Frankie. To celebrate, the HGs got to enjoy a meal together and they picked In-N-Out burgers, which Frankie did not want. I like their style on this one! During the evening, the HGs were on HoH lockdown and after three hours came down to a sealed off Have Not room! They could smell paint, but no clue what the room will be used for now. What do you think?

Everything else for the night consisted of Derrick prepping his students for their next moves on Big Brother 2014 and if it is a Double Eviction episode. No big shocker, but he wants Christine gone. Cody wants Frankie gone. Derrick did say Victoria and Christine and then Frankie could be a renom, but doesn’t want him up there with a chance of saving himself and then coming down to target Cody and Derrick next week. He thinks Frankie and Caleb have a F2 deal, but he wants Christine gone?

It would be interesting to see Christine go second and then have Frankie & Caleb against Derrick & Cody and Victoria as the third wheel for D&C. However, I want Christine to win HoH tonight and see if she grows a pair and goes after one of the guys. Double Evictions usually take out a big name, like Hayden earlier this season. The HGs don’t have time to think and Derrick can’t work his dust in a few minutes. He has been trying all week, but I think Christine as HoH brings the most excitement. With everyone else, it would be Christine gone because we all know Cody would never go after Frankie. He was HoH and Veto winner last week, but just couldn’t do it even though he talks a mad game in that Diary Room!

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