The Big Brother 2014 cast was just announced today, but it looks like CBS is already wanting to get us in on the action! Team America is a new twist for Big Brother 16 and it will allow us to be more in the action and the first vote is already out there! So, which of the Big Brother 16 HouseGuests would you align with? CBS wants to know! Check out the details in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Team America Vote

So, CBS is asking with of these 16 new HGs you would align with? That is tough to say, especially since we haven’t met them in person. You can vote on CBS’ website and they say be wise about your vote, as it could impact the game! You can vote up to 20 times! Voting before the show even starts? Risky move, CBS!

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Well, who would you align with? I’m still weighing my options, but you have some time. The voting is open now and goes until tonight really, but Friday actually. Voting closes at 2:59am EST on Friday, June 20! Vote on by clicking right here!!!

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