Well, it looks likes we have an interesting new twist for the Big Brother 2014 premiere, but it does explain a lot about this new two-night premiere for Big Brother 16! So, our friends at Big Brother Network got their hands on this little tidbit, but it looks like the new Big Brother 2014 cast will be moving in at two different times, which can only lead us to believe we have some sort of team competition going on! Get the details below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Premiere

The rumors have been flying around this whole time on what would be happening for Big Brother 2014. One thing for certain: we have a two-night premiere, which takes place on Wednesday (8/7c) and Thursday (9/8c) this week! Also, Julie Chen revealed we would have two HoH’s this season! Now it looks like we have two separate move-ins for the 16 HGs, as seen in this screenshot from Big Brother Network:

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If you can’t read it, then you will see that this is the description for Big Brother 16 on Thursday night, which happens to state: “The second group of eight participants is introduced and as all houseguests settle into the home where they will be competing Julie Chen reveals details about two new twists…”

So, it looks like eight HGs will move-in on Wednesday night and compete for HoH. The other eight HGs will move-in on Thursday night and compete for HoH and there will be the two HoH’s to start Week 1! Where things go from here is anyone’s guess, but it keep it interesting and I am dying to see how this all plays out!

So, if it is a teams concept, do you think it is a certain strategy to dividing them? Do you think these HGs may be loved ones of each other and divided that way? Maybe Men vs. Women?

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