With our fingers, toes and everything else crossed, we are hoping that the excitement begins tonight on Big Brother 2014, as we have to sit through another painful eviction (for the second time) and then we have the second Double Eviction episode of the season on Big Brother 16! We have hopes that it will turn into something fun to watch, as The Bombinators will be faced with turning on each other and one unlikely HG walks through those doors to sit down with Julie Chen! So, who goes home tonight on Big Brother 16? Tell us your thoughts below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers and vote in our Week 10 poll!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 10 HoH Photos 14

The Big Brother 2014 spoilers have been pretty boring this week and ever since Caleb decided to not put Frankie up as a renom, the Big Brother 2014 house has known that Nicole would be going home this week and they are all trying to plot for a possible Double Eviction tonight, if there is one (there is). Someone in production had to drop a hint because no one was mentioning the double eviction until this week. Either way, it should be Nicole leaving in the first vote and then the excitement (hopefully) will begin!

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So, who do you think is going home in the first eviction tonight on Big Brother 16? Vote in our Big Brother 2014 poll here:

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