The winner of Big Brother 2015 will be crowned tonight on the BB17 Finale, but which of the Final 3 will take home the $500,000 check? We are down to Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses and Liz Nolan on Big Brother 17 and one of them will win tonight, which is crazy to think about! So, who wins Big Brother 17 tonight? Check out my thoughts below in our Big Brother 2015 predictions for the Big Brother 17 finale!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB17 Finale Predictions

Before we get down to the jury vote, we have to determine the F2 on Big Brother 17. That is going to factor into who actually makes it to the F2. We will see Vanessa and Steve compete in Round 3 of the Final HOH tonight and the winner decides who to take with them to F2. Let me break down the scenarios of both of them winning and how the jury will vote.

Steve Wins Round 3 – If he wins, then he will take Liz to F2 with him. He has been practicing his F2 speech for days now, so he would cut Vanessa and I think he will actually go through with it.

Vanessa Wins Round 3 – If she wins, then she will take Liz to F2 with her. She has made F2 deals with both, but she knows she can beat Liz easier than Steve in the F2 and her promises have been very strong to Liz about keeping her.

Jury Votes – 

  • Vanessa versus Liz – If it comes down to this F2, then it should be an easy win for Vanessa. There is now way Julia or Austin would vote for her, so there are two votes for Liz. John and Becky have both talked about voting for Vanessa in F2 if she makes it there, so 2 votes for her. We saw Shelli campaigning for Vanessa, so there is another vote. The James Squad is a tossup, but I think they go with Vanessa. They don’t have an alignment with either of them, so they’ll vote with how the jury has been leaning and vote Vanessa the winner. Steve will respect Vanessa voting him out and think it was an amazing game move, so he’ll vote for her also. That is a 7-2 vote in favor of Vanessa.
  • Steve versus Liz – If it comes down to this F2, it would be a very close battle. Liz would have Julia and Austin’s votes for sure. Steve would have John’s vote for sure. With that being said, I think Becky would vote with John. From there, who freaking knows! Shelli was rooting for Johnny Mac and Steve, but she also had the sorority sister love with Julia and Liz. The James Squad is iffy again and who knows where this one would go. They seemed to trust Austin in the game, so would they go with him and vote Liz as the winner? I don’t think so. I’m thinking they would lean towards Steve, especially if he evicted Vanessa, but the jury discussions tonight will give us a better clue. As for Vanessa, she has been aligned with both for a very long time. She has been girl power all season long, so I think she’ll vote for Liz. Based on that, it should be a 6-3 vote for Steve to win.

The Winner Is….Steve! I think he is going to win Round 3 tonight. As long as he can keep it together, I think he can win the final round and he will cut Vanessa and win some votes with that move. It may be a very close vote, but I am thinking Steve takes home the $500,000 check!

What do you think of my predictions for tonight?

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