The role of Audrey was played by Jeff last night on Big Brother 2015, as he started his campaign to get Audrey out and there was no stopping him! Audrey actually had a more calm day, but did get a little riled up later in the night. The Live Feeds have been pretty entertaining for Week 1 on Big Brother 17, so you should subscribe to them and help a brother out! Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Live Feeds - 6:29:2015

During the day, not a whole lot went on. Austin told Jace to lay low for the week and he would do some campaigning for him, but then let it all out on Wednesday night, so that could be fun. CBS tweeted out to watch the Live Feeds soon and that the Twin Twist was in full effect, but didn’t really give us any clues. Liz was on the cams, so I am thinking it was Julia in the house at the time. A little later, Shelli was explaining the Twin Twist to Jace from BB5, but not Liz/Julia around at the time!

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An interesting point was Jace talked to Meg and Audrey about a dream he had the night before and he now knows who backstabbed him and it was not them. Audrey then goes on to talk about a dream she had the night before and she knows two people are coming after her. Jace leaves and Meg asks about the dream and she said it was a lie. Why though?

Meg, James, Da’Vonne and Jason chat about Audrey and everyone in the house knows what she is up to. They know she has to be backdoored and can’t be nominated and have a chance to save herself. They come up with a plan to have someone from the other side of the house, like Liz, win HoH and nominate Audrey and then they can take the fall if Audrey wins safety.

For the evening, Da’Vonne tells Jeff that Audrey is coming for him. This sets Jeff off for the night and he starts working the whole house to get Audrey out. The thing is, everyone seems to want her gone anyway. Austin tells Jeff not to involve Clay in the evict Audrey plans, as they are close. So, of course, Jeff goes to Clay and mentions it (sometimes these people don’t think).

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Literally it went all over the place and Clay telling Audrey and Shelli and then Audrey talking to Jeff and him blaming the rumor on Jace. Audrey and Jace getting into it, yet again. Despite the Jeff campaign, Audrey seems focused on Jason and Da’Vonne being her targets. Why? They said because she knows they have her figured out, so they are her target (BINGO)!

To be honest, watch out for Liz, John and Becky. We haven’t heard much from them, but they are laying low for now and letting everyone else blow up their own games. Vanessa could be the same way, but I am always worried about her.

Not sure how today will be, but Wednesday could be good with Jace making a final campaign to stay in the house. Then next week could get wild, especially depending on who wins HoH for Week 2 on Big Brother 2015! Yes, it is only going to be Week 2 and it is this insane!

In the meantime, check out some photos from the Live Feeds yesterday:

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