It was the last full day in the Big Brother 2015 house for James or Jeff, so they both tried to do some campaigning to make sure they stayed. Vanessa might be losing it as her HoH reign comes to an end on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:15:2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

It looks like Vanessa has a plan and it involves pitting her own alliance members against each other. It involves the Twin Twist and Austin’s crazy, stalkerish love for Liz, who really has no interest in him. Vanessa starts planting a seed that Steve likes Liz, but Liz likes Austin. Austin laughs that Steve would think that Liz would like him more than Austin. However, Steve has no interest in Liz and Liz no interest in Austin. She wants to get Steve out of their Get Jeff Out alliance, so now Austin doesn’t trust Steve.

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From there, it moved into Clay and Shelli and she thinks they are working with both sides of the house, so if the other side won HoH tonight then they would team up with them (very true though, as they go where the power goes). So, now they want Chelli to be targeted. Add in the fact they started talking and now Vanessa and Austin are convinced that Audrey is America’s Player and she needs to go (mind you, they just had that chance to get rid of her and let that opportunity pass them by). It turns into a Team America thing and Chelli is working with Audrey. Earlier, Vanessa wanted to have her, Austin and Audrey make this dynamic F3 alliance because Audrey had the social game and Austin had the social game and Vanessa had something the HGs feared, but would determine that later (she is nuts).

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Jeff tries to do the most campaigning, but none of it seems to be working. There are hints here and there of people “thinking about it” and not quite sure, but Jeff should be a goner tonight. He spills a lot of information along the way, especially to Clay. Too many people trust that guy! The thing that pisses me off about it is Meg said she is voting with the majority. Why do people do this? Vote with the majority and then just get put on the block the following week? They don’t like you or want to work with you, so vote how you want and own it. Voting with the majority scores you no points in the Big Brother 2015 house.

The HGs got a booze delivery (12-pack of beer and 3 bottles of wine). We saw Shelli, Audrey, Meg and Jason work on their musical and while it is cheesy, they were laughing and having fun and it was nice to see. Earlier in the day, Audrey told Vanessa that she is building trust again with Jason and told him that she wanted to build confidence with him and then two minutes later said if she won HoH that she would put up Meg and Steve with Jason as the backdoor plan.

Vanessa then started her paranoia stretch of the HoH reign, as she talks with Chelli and Clay said he is 90% sure he is voting out Jeff. This sets Vanessa off and she talks about swimming in blood for them. Clay said he felt bad for Jeff, which is why he said 90%. She said he should feel bad for her, as now they are going to come after her. She literally thinks she made this huge move this week and has so much blood on her hands, but she evicted Jeff. Did anyone in the house like him?

For now, check out some photos from the Live Feeds on Wednesday:

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