For future reference, if Vanessa ever wins HoH again on Big Brother 2015, I am going to sit out that weekend and catch you all on the flip side! I am more and more annoyed with her and how she just can’t own any decision on Big Brother 17 and comes up with these theories in her head on why someone needs to go home over someone else. Check out the highlights from Sunday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-26-2015 Live Feeds Recap 5

Sunday was the day for Vanessa to try and put the blame on someone and catch them in a lie that she made up in her mind. She went from Austin to Jackie to Becky to James to Jason to Jackie to Jason to Da’Vonne to Donny. Yes, Day is already gone and Donny wasn’t even on her season, but that is how crazy her thinking is!

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Her new thinking is that Jason had the Last Laugh power and Jason and Meg were the votes for Jeff. In actuality, Day had the Last Laugh power and Steve and Liz (both her allies) voted to keep Jeff. She even asked John about the Last Laugh and he said it was Day or Audrey that had it and she said no and to get on the same page as her because she knows for a fact it was Jason.

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Vanessa, Clay and Shelli decide to bring Becky into their alliance and give her some details on things and tell her she will be safe this week. I am hoping she agrees to this just to stay safe and then goes after them. I am still amazed that Chelli can be in an alliance with the WHOLE house and no one sees that. Saturday night they were wanting to secure their F4 deal with Jason and Meg and now talk about sending him home on Sunday night.

The talk goes back to Jackie, as she could be revengeful and come after them all. In the end, it looks like Jason will be the renom and not know about it. That was the plan, but you know Vanessa can’t keep her mouth shut that long, so I am expecting her to sit him down and talk before the Veto Meeting today and then that will change.

Austin and Liz say they hate everyone, but I think it is more of everyone hating you! That Outback Steakhouse dinner was last night for Liz, James and Vanessa, so the feeds went down for that. Steve things he is really tight with Vanessa and that side of the house, but he is always mentioned as a target. Shelli yelled at Clay because he talked to her when the cameras were on them and she didn’t have her makeup on.

We’ll find out this afternoon what Vanessa decides to officially do and I am hoping for her to change her mind. I like Jason, but he has kind of disappointed me recently. Vanessa and Shelli have been in power for four straight weeks, but no one on the other side of the house ever mentions them as a target. Why is that??? They always say Austin or Liz or even John talks about Jason and Meg as targets. I really would like to see John and Jackie as HoHs and see where his head truly is.

Fingers and toes are crossed that Vanessa changes her mind again and brings it back to Austin, but doubting that. In the meantime, check out some photos from Sunday in the Big brother 17 house:

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