What started as Veto Meeting day on Big Brother 2015 turned in a hot mess in the Big Brother 17 house and I loved every second of it. It looks like this renom at the Veto Meeting may not have been the best choice for Sixth Sense’s game, now if only the other HGs can wake up to all this madness and make a move! Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-27-2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

Before Veto Meeting, Vanessa started to plant some seeds of doubt in Jackie and James’ minds. She was asking about that damn Last Laugh power (which she is convinced that Jason had it and lying that Da’Vonne had it). This is all to justify her renom of Jason at the Veto Meeting, which is exactly what she did when it was held.

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This was a blindside to Jason and his side of the house, so crap started to hit the fan and Clay, Shelli and Vanessa may finally have some targets landing on them, if the right people can win power this week. The HOH won’t be anything tough, as Liz or Julia have talked about the pretty, matching dresses they’ll be wearing for their reveal on Thursday night. Unless they quickly change for the HOH comp, I see it being another Q&A type comp.

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To sum up Monday: Vanessa likes to talk and she definitely likes to tell her story of why everything happened. Jackie was pissed, but then seems to be aligning herself with Vanessa, but I’m not sure if this is a game move or what. Jason and Meg were pissed and Clay and Shelli sat there and acted shocked with them, which Vanessa outed later that they were the reason it happened. Chelli got caught in a lie and Jackie, James, Meg and Jason aren’t buying it. Vanessa seems to want to draw a line in the sand and separate the house. At one point, she was using movie quotes to explain her strategy. I’d die for a Vanessa and Shelli elimination during the Double Eviction night we should have next week!

They finally realize that maybe Audrey was telling the truth about this six-person alliance (ding, ding, ding)! However, you can’t blame them for not believing Audrey. Jason seems to have given up and said he is going to enjoy his last days in the Big Brother 2015 house. Emotions were running high and lots of tears. He said he is going home broke and without a job, but he won just making it on the show. Vanessa and Liz talked and said he ruined his game by saying he was a super fan and should have just been the “funny gay guy.” Jason did say he should have asked Vanessa why she couldn’t go after the transgender girl, but going after the gay guy is just fine!

In all honesty, Vanessa should have put up Austin and moved on. Now the one side of the house knows that Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are working together and Jason said to take out Shelli because she is running everything. He said Clay wouldn’t know what to do without her.

Believe me, yesterday was a full day of action and one you should subscribe to the Live Feeds to flashback and watch. The chaos was crazy, so I may have missed quite a few things. Here are a few other highlights:

  • Throughout all of this, Becky was emotional and crying and saying she didn’t ask for all of this. Um, yes you did when you volunteered to be a pawn!
  • Clay said he met the casting director at a Lakers game and she asked him to be on Big Brother, which he thought she meant Big Brother Big Sister program. And in his pre-interview, he said he was such a super fan (you know, after watching the last few seasons)….I hated him then and I hate him more now!
  • During all this madness, John seemed to be cleaning and eating and napping and staying off anyone’s radar!
  • Steve wants to start a showmance with Julia, but might wait until jury house. Oh Steve, so, so clueless!

So, these next couple days could get more interesting or they could be super boring, depending on what Jason decides to do. Can he get the votes to stay? I am doubting it, as the most he could really get is four votes (James, Meg, Jackie and maybe Steve). No way would Clay, Shelli, Austin or Liz would keep him and John would vote to keep Becky around. My one thought is that Julia would be doing the voting, so maybe she’ll throw in that hinky vote like Liz did and vote Becky out instead. I have to hold out hope, right?

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