Things have settled down in the Big Brother 2015 house, as all the Houseguests prepare for the Veto Meeting on Big Brother 17, which should be taking place this afternoon. It’s crazy to think we have been so slow on things since all that action on Thursday night and Friday morning, but that is how it works on Big Brother for the holiday weekend. Check out the highlights from Sunday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:5:2015 Live Feeds Recap - 6

To be honest, I think the HGs are taking a different approach this week and know that the Veto Meeting is coming up, so lay low and not cause any drama and then you could stay off the block. Shelli has been going back and forth on who to put up as the renom, but it looks like she has finally come up with her final decision.

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The first renom option was Meg, but then that switched to Liz, but she poured on the tears for Shelli and said she would keep her safe until jury and that put the focus back on Meg. Shelli (and Clay) want someone close to Da’Vonne to go up and then people will surely vote out Day.

During the day, Da’Vonne sat down and talked with Sheli about the renom and wanted her to put up Audrey and let the house decide who they want to stay and who to go home. I would LOVE to see this happen, but Clay nixed that idea when Shelli brought it back to him. I mean, he is the real HoH this week, right?


Shelli and Clay talked with Meg, James and Jeff at night and she said it was Meg going up as the renom and only to make sure Day went home on Big Brother 2015. She seemed okay with it. Right after they finish the meeting, Jason asked James what the meeting was all about and he lied and said it was about a possible Audrey renom. Jason isn’t stupid though, so he goes up to the HoH room and said he isn’t targeting them and he knows Day is going home and is sad about it and going to give her his vote, even if she is going home.

So, it looks like Meg goes up as the renom this afternoon and then we wait and see how this Last Laugh Twist works into the game. Can Day get people to vote for Meg and then answer that seventh call and throw out three votes against her??? It could be interesting. I like Meg, but I like Day more and would love to see it happen and piss off Clay and Shelli, who both are annoying me more and more this week.

Also happening during Sunday, we had the Photo Booth come in, so expect photos from that soon. Jeff and Shelli talk early in the day about Vanessa being America’s Player, since she is in the DR a lot and never talks to anyone in the house. Then at night, Jeff and Austin talk about Audrey being America’s Player. To sum it up, Jeff talks too much.

We also seemed to have a house dinner in the backyard minus Audrey, who stayed up in the HoH room all alone. Then Austin was giving workout tips to everyone later in the night.

Check out some photos from Sunday on the Live Feeds right here:

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