Tuesday in the Big Brother 2015 house consisted of the HGs trying to out this Twin Twist drama and Da’Vonne slowly trying to get the five votes she needs to not be evicted on Thursday night thanks to the Last Laugh power on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:7:2015 Live Feeds Recap 6

To be honest, it was a pretty slow day. I think things will pick up tonight, as Day knows it is her last night to campaign and she has this power to nullify three votes against her. She tried working it with Vanessa, who did seem onboard with it. Day wanted her to get Austin and Liz/Julia on her side also. However, Vanessa went to Clay and Shelli later on and she seems to be tight with them and even talked of a F3 alliance. Um, why would you partner with a couple to the F3???

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During the day, Shelli got her HoH camera and photos were taken. Most of the HGs were sleeping, since they were up all night working on this Twin Twist drama. Day did talk to Liz about it and how HGs are suspecting she has a twin playing the game with her. She told her she would keep her safe if she could get Austin to vote for Meg this week also. Liz said Day had her vote and she would talk to Austin, but never confirmed being a twin.

Every night, the HGs do a talk show/podcast in the backyard. This is all fake and just for entertainment purposes of their own. Their plan was to catch Liz in a lie and it worked, even though Liz knew they were suspecting of her after Day told her. They asked plenty of questions to Liz and she struggled big time getting through it. Jeff also caught her in a lie during the night, as Liz said previously that her mom owned a catering business and her sister worked for it. Last night, she said she worked for the batering business. Steve also told Becky about the Twin Twist, so the only people that don’t know are John, Vanessa, Audrey and Austin.

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We also saw Audrey wake up from the dead and start back into her ways. Clay and Shelli seem to be warming back up to her and even considered flipping sides of the house. Isn’t that what they already did, since they are targeting Day? Audrey started working on putting the HGs against each other, as she told Meg that Day has the special power (which Day has never confirmed to anyone). This did get the wheels rolling in Meg’s head.

At the end of the day, it all depends on if Day can get those five votes or not. She was working on James for a sympathy vote during the afternoon. She talked with Jason at some point and thinks she can get Liz, Austin and Vanessa. I’m not so sure about that one, but I think there is going to be a big night ahead of us on Big Brother 2015, so prepare yourselves!

In the meantime, check out some photos from the Live Feeds on Tuesday (Side Note: Liz/Julia is constantly wearing the hats and sunglasses to not be noticed….um, that makes it worse, girl):

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