Monday is done in the Big Brother 2015 house and it went just as expected, as the final nominees for Week 7 on Big Brother 17 were determined and the blowup afterwards was pretty good. Now, we have three days of this and the HGs are already starting to question who to send home and it might not be the HGs you would think! Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-10-2015 Live Feeds Recap 8

In the morning, it was the calm before the storm. Vanessa showered, so John sent Austin up to talk to Becky. She told him of the plans to put up Vanessa as the renom and to keep it quiet. She said she will tell her that he did not know about it, but she wanted to give him a heads up. He then goes to tell Jackie and Meg that he knows and informs Liz about it as the Veto Meeting started.

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From there, we have gotten the many stages of Vanessa so far. She was talking to Shelli and it was pretty calm. The whole day and night, she was very adamant on who knew about this plan before the Veto Ceremony. Shelli keeps denying that she knew about it, but she did. Steve denied knowing and Austin denied knowing. I think this will come out and Vanessa will lose it and that will be a dramatic scene to help her try to stay.


Vanessa got up out of bed and wanted answers from Becky. She found her outside and Vanessa kept saying she doesn’t get it and Becky said that Vanessa forced her into making the deal to target John next and she didn’t like it. It was a group setting and Becky had no choice then to agree to it. Things get heated between the two of them, but no yelling. Becky shut her down and just left. She did point, but not at Vanessa. She pointed in saying that Vanessa pointed at her in the group setting and forced her to agree to the John plan. This happened at 11:52am BBT, if you want to flashback.

From there, Vanessa escalates that story to Becky was so mean to her and yelling at her and pointing at her. At night, Vanessa has the story where Becky was screaming so loud at her and her voice was quaking. Van has also brought out the Bible and in between crying, questioning people, saying she is being treated like Audrey and playing the victim, she is quoting Bible verses.

Outside of the crazy, Steve and Austin go through the votes and realize they can do no better than a tie and Becky would vote out Vanessa, so she is done. The Austwins say the deal with Becky for DE is done, as she went back on her word this week. They definitely want to target the James Gang, especially James.

During the evening, Shelli and Julia start searching for some of Clay’s stuff that he left behind. She finds a t-shirt and said she will wear it when she wins HOH and nominates James. She was upset that it didn’t smell like Clay anymore. Yeah, anyone getting a GinaMarie vibe there???

Meanwhile, I think John and Steve working with Shelli is a real thing and bringing Becky into it and deciding which side of the house to go with: Austwins or James Gang. Also, Vanessa was upset that no one hugged her after the Veto Meeting and no one came into the room to check on her, so people started to do that and they probably regretted it soon after, as she would suck them into her cryfest and poor-me fest.

Now to my final thing for Monday on Big Brother 2015 and probably the most sad part of the day/night. Flashback to about 1:40am BBT (8/11/15) and we have James Gang talking and they have now come up with an idea that keeping Van over Shelli may be a better plan! Yes, they think everyone would be gunning for Van if she stayed and Shelli has more loyalty in the house (so wrong). They are seriously considering it and mention talking to Becky on Tuesday to get her on board with it. They think Shelli would be coming after them for sure and Van would go after John or Becky and not them. Vanessa controls that whole side of the house and Shelli is lingering right now and if Vanessa left, she would be lost. Don’t let me down, James Gang!

We have a long time between now and Thursday night, so expect a very bumpy ride along the way, especially since they are already considering changing their vote. This could change 1,000 times before Thursday and it makes for some fun Live Feeds. Check out some photos from Monday:

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