I am not living in the Big Brother 2015 house, so I don’t fully understand how things can be for these remaining HGs. With that being said, I want to smack most of them left on Big Brother 17 for being a complete idiot! Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-14-2015 Live Feeds Recap

So, we have Liz in charge (but it seems like it is more of Austin calling the shots). The day consisted of not much until right before the Nomination Ceremony, as the HOH seemed ready to nominate Becky and John and they were gunning for Becky to start.

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Flashback to 1:30pm BBT and we have the start of Vanessa’s newest attack, as she goes after John. He questions her on things and how she told Chelli about the 8-HG alliance that was targeting them. Everything John says is true, but Van denies it all. She then goes to the HN room and questions Steve on it and says he must have told John this false info. John is following her, even though Van seems to want to get rid of him. She keeps berating John after doing the same to Steve. John brings up the bullied word and how she cries and yells at people and he doesn’t like it. It was intense and crazy, so watch it!


Shortly after, the feeds cut and we had the Nomination Ceremony and it went as planned. Austin says he is crazy and he has to go. Who is he talking about? None other then our lovable JMac, as Van tells them lies after lies and he is crazy and he had rage in his eyes and he has some mental illness and could snap on her or anyone in the house. We all knew she was going to use this to put a target on John’s back, even though it was her doing the attacking with rage!

This is where it gets good, but so infuriating. John talks to the Austwins and he outs Van on everything. He speaks the truth and the Austwins are eating it up. To be honest, they believe him over Van on things. They say she is crazy and needs to go, but not this week! This is where the talk continues to go all night long, as everyone in the house wants Van gone and they are all on to her crazy ways BUT next week.

I thought about this last night and I hate to admit it, but it makes sense for Austin. He knows Becky and John both want Van gone and they both will gun for her next week. With Liz “in charge” this week on Big Brother 2015, they are all safe. So, now John or Becky are in the game and apparently winning HOH next week and they will be gunning for Van and that keeps the target off the Austwins and that is two weeks of safety. I get that thinking, but this is Big Brother and when do things go as planned, Austin??? Van hears of all this talk, wins HOH next week and she goes gunning for the Austwins for wanting to come after her.

So, it seems like everyone knows about Vanessa’s ways, but Liz wants the noms to stay the same so she doesn’t have to worry about putting up a renom. Austin said if one of them win POV, then it will be most likely be James as the target. He wants to keep John around as an ally. The twins talked earlier and they want Becky gone so they can use their sexiness to get John on their side.

Van changed back to a Becky target later in the night, so I don’t think she has a clue of what she wants. Meanwhile, no one wants Van in the house but the proper time to get rid of her is next week. Wouldn’t you think having a “I was HOH when we got rid of Vanessa” on your resume score you many points with the jury??? These people….

POV is crucial today, as we need one of the noms to win and remove themselves so a renom has to be made and then the fun begins until Monday afternoon!!!

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