It was a whirlwind of a day in the Big Brother 2015 house, as we seem to have an HOH on our hands that doesn’t want to make a move (yet again) and Vanessa will coast to the end with the “right time” to go after her being after the Big Brother 17 finale, possibly. Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-21-2015 Live Feeds Recap 9

The morning consisted of Austin continuing to try and be convinced to not nominate Johnny Mac and Steve. He already had it figured out the night before, but Steve tries to convince him it should be Vanessa on the block with him or JMac. Steve is pretty adamant about that, but then Van talks to Austin and admits to wanting James to throw the BotB before and Austin was the backdoor plan.

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She then comes up with theories on the photos that Austin received from his family, which are him hanging on some gym rings with his gay friend. This means, of course, that he needs to hang with his gay friend (her) and then turns it into staying with a group of three. I don’t know where this comes from, but Austin was joking about these theories later on.

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Regardless of his attempts to change it (all lies), the Nomination Ceremony happened and it is John and Steve on the blockMy faith in JMac pretty much is gone, as he believes everyone in the house wants to backdoor Vanessa (they all kind of do) and that is the plan for this week (it isn’t). So, he thinks that regardless of who wins POV, it will be used (it won’t). So, that means JMac won’t try to win it and if he happens to win, so be it (idiot). Kind of like how he thought everyone was throwing the HOH comp for him to win and how did that one turn out for you JMac???

Flashback to 7:35pm BBT, as we see Steve in the HOH room with Austin and he is riding him pretty good about Van and he thinks she got back in his head and is safe. Austin denies it, but you can tell Steve doesn’t believe it. While JMac lowers on my faith scale, I am weirdly admitting that Steve is rising on it. He has had a few moments these past couple days that make me actually think he knows what he is doing!

Some other highlights:

  • The HGs got a smaller table installed and found out no Have-Nots this week.
  • They are all anticipating Zingbot this week (which happens today).
  • Austin and Steve talking and they mention the Rewind Button still coming this season.
  • Steve knows that JMac is out this week (most likely) and then he’ll be the target next week.
  • They had another candy war and chocolate being flung everywhere. Julia broke her mic in the process, so no more candy wars!
  • James hid in Julia’s closet and scared her again.
  • Austin has stated he won’t go after Meg or James this week, so I am very curious to see what he’ll do if JMac or Steve win POV….that is my hope for today!

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