With Vanessa winning POV this weekend on Big Brother 2015, that meant we had a Sunday filled with her searching for that “reason” to use it this afternoon and take someone off the block. What would that reason be? Well, she seemed to change her mind 1,000 times yesterday on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Sunday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-23-2015 Live Feeds Recap 2

To be completely honest, I don’t know who Vanessa wants to target and I don’t think she does either. Johnny Mac has always been her target, so it started with him and then shifted to Steve and then to Meg and then to James and back in circles the whole day. She talked to everyone in the house like 12 times, so her mind kept changing. I just found it funny that she thinks Meg is some mastermind in the house and all centers around her crying after the POV and not hugging Vanessa for her victory. Maybe it is the fact that Meg loses every comp and it can get a little depressing?

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Austin doesn’t seem to know what to do, but you know, he is not playing Vanessa’s game this week. Yeah, okay! I also hate that Vanessa tells JMac that she wants to use the veto on him, but needs to get approval first! Why is that? Take him off the block and make Austin put up a renom. You make the decision, so you need no one’s approval!

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When all the circling was done, it seemed like the target fell back on John when the night was almost done. However, Steve talked to James and Meg and told them that the Austwins are a “strong fortress.” Instead of taking that info and processing it, they run to the Austwins and tell them what Steve said and now the target falls on him! Vanessa doesn’t know about this one and probably never will.

Liz and Austin had a date night and that’s all I’ll say about that. Her and Julia were talking earlier and apparently Austin is not as good of a kisser than her ex. And it pretty much all came down to them pretty much being nothing once out of the Big Brother 2015 house, but she sure plays it up for her DR sessions, huh?

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