It was Friday in the Big Brother 2015 house and that meant time for Vanessa to use her reasoning to clarify her nominees for Week 10. Then it shifted into a night of bashing those nominees and then realizing she may have made a stupid move on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-28-2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

Before the Nomination Ceremony, Vanessa and Austin talk and she thinks this is the biggest move she could make and have James as the target with those famous words of hers: “minimal blood on her hands.” They then discuss America’s favorites and how they are perceived. Austin thinks that he got the clown nose in his HOH basket, so we think he is the funny guy of the season. He also thinks we perceive him and Liz as another Brenchel and we love them. No shocker here, but he talks about being a fitness instructor once the season is done. Yeah, as he has been trying to showcase that all season long and working out with other HGs.

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The final Have-Nots of the season were revealed: Meg, James, John and Julia all volunteered for it. Their food is slop and gumdrops. Austin and Liz told Julia to be one the night before and that would give her the week to smooth things over with JMac. James and Meg are getting more and more convinced they might be going on the block, but James remembers he made a deal with Vanessa way back when to not nominate him when she was HOH again. He feels good now.

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The Nomination Ceremony happened and he doesn’t feel good anymore. James and Meg on the block and bring on the tears. We then spent a long time with Vanessa trying to explain her reasons for putting them up there. None of it makes sense and Meg laughs (which pissed Van off) and even said she is lost.

We see the twins being lovely people, as they make fun of James and Meg and Julia mocks Meg for winning nothing (you know, Julia is a comp beast and all). They make fun of other HGs all while saying that only insecure people make fun of others. Yup, they nailed that one right on the head. Vanessa tells them Meg was crying, like usual. Did she forget her zing already???

We had Steve camtalking and he said if he won HOH he would put up Austin and Liz (I like his style)! Meg and James talk and he mentions using the veto on her, but she said he has a better chance of winning the game. He mentions paying her rent for a year if he wins. It looks like bribes all around, as Vanessa has been doing the same thing with the Austwins and buying Julia a car and taking them to Vegas to double their money.

Steve throws in a little dig on Van, as they discuss things and she thinks she might be hated by America. He said fans tend to hate HGs that consider themselves “good people,” which Vanessa always says about her and her alliance!

They continue their talk and this is where it gets interesting on Big Brother 17. She starts getting paranoid that she may have gone too far into the game with a showmance and a set of twins (ya think)? Her and Steve both seem to be hinting at the idea of going after the Austwins, as how well would they be in a F5 with them (not good). The thought is in Vanessa’s mind, so if one of JaMeg come off the block and she has to put up a renom, her mind may explode by Monday afternoon!

So, we have the Veto Comp today and it will help determine if any changes will be made or not. I would love to see James win POV and force Van to put up a renom, which would most likely end up being JMac, but maybe those demons in her head will block the medication taking them over and they’ll get her to nominate Austin or Liz!

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