Just when you are down and out about another Big Brother 2015 season gone bad, we do a 180 and no longer have the Battle of the Block holding us back and Big Brother 17 is exciting and the good guys seem be leading the pack. We have a new HOH and a new backdoor target for Week 7! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-6-2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

Let me preface this by going back to the daytime and Vanessa being a crazy woman. Flashback to 2:20pm BBT and there is a big blowup between her, Clay and John. She claims that she heard them talking the night before and Clay was campaigning to stay and she brings on the tears and there is lots of arguing. She claims John was lying, but Clay took the heat for it all. This caused two things: the house agreed to all vote out Clay because of these “lies” and it is what he wanted (which is why we saw a unanimous vote last night) and it allowed Vanessa to put this target on Johnny Mac’s back, who she wants as her next victim.

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Moving past that, we had the live eviction show and Clay was eliminated and then the HOH comp was started and it was another endurance comp that we watched together on the Live Feeds! They were filling their containers and it was too hard to tell early on, but Becky killed this one and she literally got all three balls out before anyone else was even close. That meant she won HOH, $5,000 and will never be a Have-Not the rest of the season!

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I know Becky has been a rat and floater, but she seems to have smartened up the past couple days and she is onto Vanessa and she seems to be aligned with James, Jackie and Meg and Johnny Mac is her “ride or die”, I think.

So, we have some tired and sore HGs after that comp, as we had many falls. Let me note: two straight endurance comps and two straight losses by Vanessa and Shelli. Keep it up, CBS! We had a breakdown from Shelli, as she is missing her son. Meg was there to console her. Vanessa tells everyone that after that comp she is so sore and no one will hear from her for 12 hours (promise)?

That may have lasted 12 minutes, as she was making a new BFF with Becky. Then Vanessa went to Jackie and Meg and started talking about the fight with Clay and JMac earlier. She was the victim, yet again, and can’t believe it happened. Jackie and Meg listened and then laughed when Vanessa left and thought, like the rest of us, that she is crazy!

Becky got her HOH room and finally got a chance to chat with James, Jackie and Meg! The plan: Steve and Shelli and noms and the backdoor plan of Vanessa! Becky wants Vanessa gone, so she is the main target for sure. She talks with John and tells him the plans and says to not tell anyone. Vanessa comes up and the plan to tell her and everyone else is Shelli is the target and to drill that idea and Vanessa will not feel threatened. Vanessa wants to make a deal with Becky, but she said she is not making any deals. Of course, that sends Vanessa into freakout mode later on.

Two things worry me about this: earlier John and Steve were talking and John was saying he wanted to start to make moves and Vanessa is a huge target. Then Becky did tell Shelli that Vanessa was the target and Shelli was saying she can’t be trusted after the big blowup in the afternoon. However, will both those two go run and tell Vanessa this??? To be honest, if Vanessa won veto or the plan backfires, with Shelli and Steve on the block (if she does those noms), I wouldn’t mind seeing either of them go home, so a win-win in my eyes.

One final and BIG thing on Big Brother 2015 last night. Flashback to 3:35am BBT this morning and James is called into the DR. We get fish, but when it comes back there is audio in the DR but the cameras are on Steve in the living room. James says, “What? America’s Player card?” and production replies, “Congratulations.” So, is this legit??? There was a vote to see who you would take to F2 on CBS site, so maybe he won (because everyone loved him for putting up Chelli this past week). And I wouldn’t freak out because they never seem to do anything that matters, like the play Frankie put on last season. And it could be James just messing with us or he could do some pranks in the Big Brother 2015 house, like he normally does, and production wants to see more of it. And they have picked an America’s Player on their own without a vote in the past, so that is a possibility too.

Now, check out some photos from last night while we wait for the nominations later today:

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