Let the planning and freaking out begin on Big Brother 2015 for Week 7, as the Nomination Ceremony was held and there were pre- and post-freakout moments! I am still on the fence with Becky and it seems like John might be in the same boat on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-7-2015 Live Feeds Recap 9

Before the Nomination Ceremony, there was lots of sleeping, but Vanessa woke up and decided to talk with the twins. She asked if Becky made any deals with them and Julia said yes, for Double Eviction. This sets Vanessa off, since Becky would not make any deals with her and now she knows she is the target. All of this even though they all made a deal the week before to send home this week the other member of Chelli that survived the first eviction, so why do they need another deal?

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The Nomination Ceremony was held and Becky stuck to the plan, so Steve and Shelli are on the block. After the ceremony, she was talking to Shelli and said that the plan is to backdoor Vanessa and whoever wins veto, they’ll take down Shelli and put Vanessa up. So, Shelli is coming off the block and Becky said she isn’t promising the same thing to Steve and he volunteered to be a pawn. She seemed very friendly with Shelli, so I don’t know about Becky right now. I like her wanting Vanessa out, but I think she could abandon James Gang very quickly.

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The James Gang (James, Meg and Jackie) all volunteered to be Have-Nots this week, which they got hamburger buns to put their slop on. They also agreed to lay low this week and let Becky do all the work. They took it seriously, as they never seemed to leave the Have-Not room all day! Jackie did leave though, as she got to take off her knight costume at midnight.

Vanessa had her freakout moments the rest of the night and Shelli never did cave-in and tell her that she knows she is the BD plan. I think Shelli just wants to stay safe for now, so a smart move. Austin and Vanessa talked and they think Becky will stick to the plan. Vanessa wants to win and take Shelli down and then force the JMac renom, which makes me laugh because I don’t see that happening. I don’t want to see Vanessa win, but I’d love to see her reaction when it is Austin or the twins going up as the renom!

Now we saw John wakeup and actually start playing some game and trying to form a little alliance to keep himself safe. He talks with Steve (who has been a nutcase all day) and said that Vanessa picks a fight with the person that goes home that week. He knows that he is the target for Vanessa next and she needs to go and she has had a hand in every eviction. He also brings this to….Shelli! He said it is him, Steve and Shelli now and they have to work together. Steve is hesitant, as he has the F2 deal with Vanessa and thinks it is legit. He has contemplated all day long on either cutting things loose with her or not. He camtalked A LOT and at the end of the night he just wanted his mom to help him out.

John also talked about the Power of Veto and he really wants to win and be a part of the Vanessa renom. He wants to make sure she goes up. He did talk about not trusting Becky, so maybe his love for her is dead?

If that alliance holds up, it could be interesting to see how things unfold with this Double Eviction on Thursday night. I mean, we could have triplets in the Big Brother 2015 house all around: James Gang, Austwins and John Gang. Steve could be our Veronica of this season and be taken to the end and have done nothing to deserve to make it there.

Veto players picked early afternoon probably and then Veto competition early evening, so get ready….these picks and results are huge! Check out some photos from Friday right here:

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