With less than two weeks to go on Big Brother 2015, the BB gods are working against me right now! I feel they truly want my head to explode, as we saw Vanessa win HOH last night on Big Brother 17 and the aftermath is mind-blowing! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-10-2015 Live Feeds Recap 8

To be honest, this recap is not going to be very detailed because I am over it. I am over Vanessa and her crazy ways and her crazy thinking. Her mind changes every two seconds, so to recap that is impossible! Her target was everyone last night. Well, everyone except herself! She came up with 80 million reasons to target people and keep her integrity in place.

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The target first fell on Austin and then shifted to Liz and then Steve and it has landed on John, for now. She thinks Steve and John are closer than they claim. Why? Because of John’s video message from his family and their air guitar. She thinks the Rockstar alliance is stronger than she thinks. She is an idiot, as John tells her he would vote out Steve.


John gave it to her straight in that people in jury like Steve but they hate her! She used this with Austin later, but then acted like she didn’t know it later on. She had Austin begging her not to nominate him. She got Liz and Austin to agree to pretty much do as she says, throw the POV and throw the first round of the final HOH comp to her. Then Austin and Liz can fight it out for the second round.

Vanessa was up very late and still going over scenarios, because, you know, she is a game theorist. She also told John that she couldn’t throw the HOH comp because she doesn’t have it in her. She gets too nervous or her competitive side comes out and she needs to win. So, why make deals to throw it to people then???

That’s all I’ve got for today. For some reason, the Live Feeds go down at 9:45am BBT and won’t be back until 11:30pm BBT tonight! So, they’ll be doing nominations and the Veto Competition during that time, as we have the eviction on Tuesday. Not sure why they are down, but there you go. For a very detailed look at the Live Feeds last night, read our friends at Big Brother Network’s recap!

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