Just when you are riding a high on Big Brother 2015, the HGs then talk about doing something stupid and they just crush all your hopes and dreams. Is that the theme of Big Brother 17? Crushing our hopes and dreams? Check out the highlights from Saturday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-12-2015 Live Feeds Recap 5

The HGs had a late night on Friday, so they were sleeping the day away and final got up and the Veto Competition got started. It was another five-hour competition, but good news followed: Johnny Mac won the veto and we could all be happy, right? Liz was saying she was close, but then Steve almost won it so John couldn’t throw it. So, there was still the chance the JMac could have thrown it, but he couldn’t throw it to Steve.

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Now it was time for some scampering, as Vanessa’s plan was ruined and now she has to pick a renom between Austin and Liz. She brought out the Skittles and the M&M’s and it was on! Steve tried to talk to her a couple times, but she kept shooing him away! To be honest, I don’t think she still know which one she is going to be putting up, but I think she needs to figure it out soon because the Veto Meeting should be today!


She did have talks with all four of the other HGs and it was different story after different story. Steve questioned all the pairings of candy on the table and what they meant and Vanessa got pissed! For the talks, Van wants to get to F2 with Steve, so he has nothing to worry about. She tells John that it would be best to split the showmance and they could get to F3 with Steve easier. Liz promotes girl power and she does not want to be in F2 next to a guy because they always win. Austin does hint at volunteering to be the nom, as he said Liz was on the block last week.

While Vanessa twirls all of this stuff around in her head, none of it could even matter! We all think it would come down to a tie vote (Liz or Austin vote to keep whichever one of them is on the block and John votes to keep Steve). Vanessa would cast the deciding vote in a tie, so it all comes down to what she decides. However, it looks like John has another plan!

He was talking to Austin later in the night and he said Steve has been a burden for him and that F2 deal with him. He thinks it would be better to cut him now and then target Vanessa next week. He would rather go to the F4 with a showmance, as he told Vanessa earlier that Austin and Liz would be easier to beat in the upcoming comps than beating Steve. He told Austin earlier that he is going against what Vanessa wants and voting out Steve and then they can work together to vote out Vanessa.

So, I don’t know if that is truly where his head is at or not. He could be messing with Austin to make him more comfortable, but I am thinking JMac will vote out Steve and blindside Vanessa with the vote. I think he can keep it quiet, but can Austin or Liz? Doubt it. Let’s start that reverse rooting again, as we all want Steve gone on Tuesday night!!!!

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