We are in the final days of the Live Feeds on Big Brother 2015 and the Final 3 said goodbye to the backyard yesterday, as they are on lockdown until the Big Brother 17 finale. F2 deals are being worked out and worked out again and once again by our lovely Vanessa. Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-21-2015 Live Feeds Recap

I forgot to mention this yesterday, so I’ll start with it now. Liz is worried that Austin has moved on to Jackie in the jury house! She mentioned her concerns two days ago and talked about it again last night.

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Vanessa was working Liz for all possible angles yesterday, as she reaffirmed her F2 deal with Liz a few times throughout the day. If she wins Round 3, then she is cutting Steve and has every reason to since he tried to replace her in Scamper Squad with Johnny Mac. She tells Liz not to mention it to Steve and said Steve will be coming to her with something on Tuesday, but not to believe what he says and she had to make F2 deals with him also. From there, Vanessa also tried to work on getting the Austwins votes, just in case Steve wins and takes Vanessa to the F2 over Liz, which they both think will happen, but not what Steve will be doing.


The F3 got cake pops from Big Brother. Then later in the night, they got stuff for candy apples from the BBAD fans. They played more cards and ate food and Liz microwaved a potato wrapped in tinfoil. So, I guess she was trying to burn the house down and move the finale up a couple days?

The HGs went to bed, but Steve was up a little while later practicing his F2 speech on Big Brother 17. He seems to be focusing on why he has played a better game than Liz, so yet again confirming his plans of taking Liz over Vanessa. Liz saw him pacing and runs to tell Vanessa that he is working on his final speech, who said it is worrisome. So, he is playing in Round 3 of the Final HOH and he is not supposed to prepare himself for that final speech?

One more full day in the Big Brother 2015 house and then finale night has arrived! For now, it looks like Liz has locked up $50,000, but who she is sitting next to will be determined on Wednesday night.

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