We have one more week until the fun begins and CBS has officially given us one of the new twists on Big Brother 2015, as Big Brother Takeover hits the Big Brother 17 house this summer! What is Big Brother Takeover? Check out the details below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Big Brother Takeover

For this new twist, it looks like a new guest will be sent in each week to give the HGs a new twist. Since we have a two-night premiere next week, that means we have two guests coming in. I would expect these “guests” to be CBS stars (like Halle Berry that was mentioned in rumors this off-season) and prior HGs (like maybe Derrick and Dan, which rumors also are flying around about them).

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Executive Producer Rich Meehan said: “This is going to be the biggest BIG BROTHER ever! Surprise guests, twists every week all summer long and, of course, Zingbot! But the Houseguests better keep their focus, because BIG BROTHER is all about relationships. Trust me, with all the twists and turns, those bonds will be more important than ever, because at the end of the week, it’s your housemates that send you packing on eviction night.”

I am liking this idea of new twists, but will it get to be too much with a new twist every week? I did not watch Big Brother Canada, but heard many complaints about it having too many twists and it was overkill. Will this do the same?

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And what about this relationship concept and bonds? I know there are alliances, but do you think that could mean something more? We always overthink things, but it’s all we have to do right now! Maybe those HGs with twins will have them enter the game later on? Maybe it is Guys vs. Girls, so keep those bonds strong?

No clue, so we’ll have to wait each week to see what that new Big Brother Takeover twist is! In the meantime, CBS released some new Big Brother 2015 cast photos, so check them our here:

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Big Brother 17 premieres on June 24 and 25 at 8/7c on CBS!

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