The final step in my who will win Big Brother 2015 process is here and time to give my pros and cons on Vanessa Rousso. This one is going to be difficult, as I just don’t want her to win Big Brother 17. Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-16-2015 Live Feeds Recap

Has there ever been a crazier HG on Big Brother? This season has been very draining at times and those times are thanks to Vanessa. She is either crying non-stop, playing the victim or talking someone to death in order for them to do as she wants. It has been a crazy plan of attack, but it has worked. It got her into the F3, right?

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Why Vanessa will win Big Brother 2015:

  • It is rigged! This whole season was setup for her to win and promote her new show on CBS.
  • Of the F3, she has played the best game. Has it been a game that any of us have liked? Not really, but it worked for her. She has been psychotic at times and annoying us, but it got everyone to follow her plans every week.
  • You can complain about her being a millionaire and not needing the money, but that is not the point of the show. We have seen richer people compete on other shows, so why is it different here? If she wins, she deserves it.
  • She seems to have Shelli fighting for her in the jury house and we all know how Shelli can get annoying, so the jurors probably will cave and just do what Shelli says to shut her up.
  • When Vanessa was up for eviction, her speech was crazy intense. Imagine what it will be for the F2 speech? CBS will have to run the show long just to fit that in, but I think it will convince jurors to vote for her.
  • She has a good memory and her mind is always going, so I think she wins Round 3 and if she makes F2 than she wins.

Why Vanessa will not win Big Brother 2015:

  • Steve wins Round 3 and cuts her, which will be amazing to watch!
  • Vanessa makes it to F2, but that jury is bitter and they don’t give her the money. Austin is pissed about that blindside and said he would make sure she did not win. He is a beast, so maybe he’ll scare them into voting his way?
  • I don’t have much here. The only way she loses is if she loses Round 3. If she wins, then she wins.

Do you think Vanessa will win Big Brother 17?

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