Tonight’s Big Brother 2016 live eviction could be one of the most exciting yet. Head of Household Nicole Franzel nominated Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian for eviction. She wanted to send Michelle right out of the Big Brother 18 doors.

Big Brother 18-Julie Chen

It appears that Nicole will get her wish. We are in for a predictable eviction for the audience, but not for Natalie Negrotti, James Huling, and Michelle. We may have our first Big Brother blindside of the season. Nicole and Corey Brooks decided to not tell Michelle, James, or Natalie about this plan to evict Michelle.

Michelle also decided not to ask about her Big Brother 18 fate. If Michelle’s eviction stays a secret, we have no clue how things might unfold. This might send Natalie and James into battle mode, which could lead to an exciting Head of Household competition. It could also lead to the first tie breaker of the season.

This blindside might also lead Michelle, the wildcard, to do something hasty on live television. Could she call Nicole something worse than a snake? Read our full Big Brother 2016 recap below to find out.


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Nicole starts to worry that Victor and Michelle may have a secret alliance. This starts when James volunteers to throw the HOH for the $5,000 bribe. Corey and Nicole start to worry that this means he knows for sure that Michelle will stay in the game.

They discuss giving the bribe to Victor to ensure that he votes out Michelle. Later. Corey, Paul, Victor, and Nicole gather in the Head of Household room. Corey then offers Victor the bribe to vote out Michelle and solidify their new alliance.

Bb18-James Huling

Everyone is happy about this decision. We then get a segment showing everyone seeing their family on video. This leads into a segment about Victor’s family. It focuses on his time in Puerto Rico, heritage, how Katrina affected his family, and him winning two competitions to return to the game.

Live Vote and Eviction:

Michelle and Paul give their nomination speeches. Paul keeps his speech simple, and then ends it by kissing Michelle, as a symbol of the kiss of death. She comments that it was a better kiss than Paulie’s one. Michelle starts her speech off as the typical “I’m so happy to have been here,” but then switches it and throws Paul and Victor under the bus. Voting begins shortly after her speech.

James votes to evict Paul
Natalie votes to evict Paul
Corey votes to evict Michelle
Victor votes to evict Michelle

Host Julie Chen asks Nicole to break the tie. She votes to evict Michelle. Michelle then further throws Victor under the bus and says all he does is kiss butt. She also tells everyone to get out Nicole, so she doesn’t float to the final 2.

Big Brother-Paul and Meech

During her exit interview, Julie asks Michelle about not campaigning. She said that she did in the last two-hours. During the goodbye videos, Michelle starts crying. When Julie asks her about it, she says she’s just upset that she didn’t win.

Julie tells her to not beat herself up too much, because she gets to help crown the winner. Victor also exposes his final four alliance with Paul, Corey, and Nicole in his goodbye video.

Michelle ends her interview by telling the audience that they’re lucky to get tickets to a live taping, because she tried to before and failed.

Head of Household competition:


It’s the egg manipulation on a fence one. Each player is in their own cell. They must manipulate eggs, and then toss them at the HOH letters. The first player to knock down all three letters becomes this week’s Head of Household.

If you’re one of the first three players to get your egg in the “Have-Not” spot, you’re not a Have-Not for the week.

We’ll update you once the winner is announced.

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