Tonight Paulie Calafiore leaves the Big Brother 2016 house. He has no more game moves left to play. Due to this, the Big Brother 18 game has been frozen. Not much game talk or planning happened this week, beyond the obvious evict Paulie, and then evict Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel discussions. This means that most of the feeds have been a bore to watch. Last night, we finally got a brief dose of excitement in the form of a puppet show.

Big Brother 2016-Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, Paulie Calafiore, Victor Arroyo, Natalie Negrotti, James Huiling, Corey Brooks, Michelle Meyer

Corey’s Patriottard included a stuffed bald eagle toy. Victor Arroyo showed his puppetry skills all week with his invention of Baldwin: a foul mouth, wise-cracking, James Huling hating eagle. Last night, Victor once again entertained the houseguests with a reappearance of Baldwin. He demanded his money back from James.

Victor’s rendition of Baldwin inspired other people to try their own hand of puppetry. Paul Abrahamian performed a puppet show where he mocked all 16 original Big Brother 18 houseguests. At first this was a private show with only Michelle Meyer, Victor, James, and Natalie Negrotti witnessing it. Eventually, Paulie wandered into the London room and asked to see the roasting.

Paul Abrahamian as Baldwin Big Brother 18

Paul became inspired to perform the show for the entire Big Brother 2016 house. They all gathered into the living room and the Big Brother 18 official puppet show roast began around 10:27 PM PST. Nicole became victim to one of the best roast of the night, as Paul executed her accent nearly perfectly, and then added her constant calls of “Corey.” Paul also gave great imitations of James, Bronte D’Acquisto, Bridgette Dunning, and Jozea Flores.

Big Brother 2018-Nicole Franzel

Frank Eudy was his best impression. It’s also funny to note that none of the houseguests could even remember the sound of Glenn Garcia‘s voice. This puppet show was a lot of fun to watch, so if you want to see some lighthearted fun flashback to Paul’s roast puppet show.

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