Nicole Franzel has had quite a journey from Big Brother 16 to Big Brother 18. Many fans adored her Midwestern charm, spirit, and nice, humble girl nature on Big Brother 16. She quickly became a fan favorite. However, Nicole never showed much gaming skills on her first season of Big Brother.

Big Brother 18-Nicole Franzel

In Big Brother 2016, Nicole committed to playing a more ruthless game than she did the first time around. She planned to lie, steal, and cheat her way to $500,000. She started the season showing a little more prowess than she did in her previous season. However, after being outed by both Frank Eudy and Da’Vonne Rogers, her Big Brother 18 game went downhill.

Her Fatal Five alliance members questioned her loyalty. The all-girls alliance never fully recovered from the mistrust within their group. Therefore, they started to form other more stable alliances.

Nicole also made her target grow by getting in her second showmance on Big Brother. Corey Brooks became a major distraction for Nicole. She spent more time in bed cuddling, and doing other stuff, with him than forming bonds, making deals, and winning competitions. This allowed Nicole to have a strong alliance with Corey, his Big Brother best friend Paulie Calafiore, and by extension Zakiyah Everette. When both Zakiyah and Paulie went out the Big Brother door back-to-back, Nicole’s game seemed over.

Big Brother 2018-Nicole Franzel

However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Nicole managed to stumble upon a good Big Brother 18 game move. She used a situation to her advantage and placed a target on Paul Abrahamian‘s back.

Nicole’s simple move has now started a spiral of events that may keep her safe until the final five or four. Natalie Negrotti and James Huiling both want Paul and Victor Arroyo out the game. They also want to work with Corey and Nicole. Due to Natalie’s betrayal, Victor and Paul want Natalie and James out the Big Brother 2016 house.

They want to go to the final four with Michelle Meyer and Nicole. Nicole seems to have made herself safe for awhile in the game. Her only possible enemy might come in the form of Michelle, but even she’s considering working with her over Victor and Paul.

The tides have officially turned in Nicole’s favor. The results of tonight’s jury competition could work in Nicole’s favor even more. The only chance that Nicole’s game gets hurt by this competition is if Da’Vonne Rogers or Bridgette Dunning return to the Big Brother 18 game.

Is Nicole actually playing a good Big Brother 18 game or just very lucky this time around?

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