This week is we had Christmas in the HOH room and after going against the house last week, Jason was her target. However, Christmas, Josh and Paul have done a pretty good job at keeping Alex and Jason out of the actual plan. If you missed anything that happened on the Big Brother live feeds, check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all caught up!

Big Brother 2017 Predictions Who Will Be Evicted - Week 10

After the Power of Veto comp and ceremony, we saw that Paul took Alex off the block and Christmas then renom’d Kevin. This was to create the illusion that Kevin was the target this week. Alex was great with that plan, but will she still be great with that plan after the live eviction takes place tonight on Big Brother 19?

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Kevin was the target last week but when Paul and Alex failed to talk Jason into using the POV to take down Matt or Raven, the didn’t get what they wanted. After that the rest of the house realized how dangerous Alex and Jason were as competitors and that together, they were going to be pretty hard to beat.

Jason and Alex were under the impression that Kevin was still the target this week, so much so that Alex actually volunteered to go up as a pawn. When Jason was put on the block next to her, they were confused, but Alex convinced Jason that she trusted Paul and Christmas and that Kevin is who will end up going home.

After the POV, Paul had plans of using the POV to take Alex down and have Christmas renom Kevin. Josh wasn’t happy with this plan because it would make Christmas look like the bad guy when they were blindsided on Eviction night. However, Paul explained to Josh that if he took Alex down, it would prove to her that he was on her side and when the blindside happened, she wouldn’t be that upset. Josh has realized that Paul is playing for Paul and no one else, but it’s a little too late for that.

After Kevin was renom’s, Jason was still kind of nervous about what was going to happen and regardless of how many times Alex tells him he is safe, he still has that gut feeling that he isn’t. This is a perfect example of how you should trust those gut feelings. I think that tonight during the double eviction Jason will be the first of two evictees.

After Jason leaves, I’m hoping for some fireworks. I’m hoping that Alex will realize that the people she has teamed up with stabbed her in the back and I hope she goes after someone like Christmas, Josh or even Paul. However, even if she went after Paul, could she convince two people to vote him out in such a short period of time? I doubt it but I feel like taking one of them out is probably her best shot at this.

There is also a chance that if Josh wins the HOH he might go after Paul now that he has noticed all the shifty things Paul has been doing in the house. Either way, it could be an interesting night unless the plan to throw the HOH to Raven ends up happening (yawn). Let me know what you think will happen tonight during the Double Eviction on Big Brother 19 and make sure you come back tonight for my Big Brother 2017 live recap to find out what happens!

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