Well the plan has been talked about and talked about on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, but there were two different plans. One, they can not use the Power of Veto and keep noms the same or two, they can use the Power of Veto and put up a renom. Which plan did they go with? Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony - Week 10

With Christmas in the HOH room, Jason and Alex on the block and the Power of Veto being in Paul’s hands this week, Paul promised Alex that he would use it to take her down. Alex and Jason think that the plan is to backdoor Kevin, but that isn’t the case. Keep reading to find out what happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony!

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Paul wanted to use the POV to save Alex, mostly because she is another number for him and he played it off like Kevin was their target. Alex was okay with this plan and even ok with going up as a pawn because she thought that the one person she wanted out of the house, was going to be put out of the house. This is why Paul wanted to use the POV to take Alex down because he didn’t want her to be angry when she found out that Jason was their true target. It makes sense, but I was kind of hoping they were going to just leave the noms the same and the house would implode.

Either way, on Thursday when Alex says good-bye to her closest friend in the house, I can’t help but wonder how she is going to feel about convincing him that he was going to be safe. For now, we know that Paul used the Power of Veto and took Alex down. Christmas then put Kevin up as a renom to make it look like the plan is to evict Kevin. After he was placed on the block next to Jason, he apparenlty wished Jason luck. Jason joked with Paul and Josh that Kevin was the one that needed the luck. Poor delusional Jason.

Alex is in for a rude awakening when she realizes that it isn’t Kevin they are targeting. How do you think Alex will feel on Thursday when Jason is evicted? How do you think she is going to react? Do you think that she will be the next HG out on Thursday or do you think that she will win the HOH and target Paul, Christmas or Josh?

I think that she holds so much animosity towards Kevin that she will still try and evict him if she wins the HOH even though Paul, Christmas and Josh took out her closest ally. I think that Alex is too brainwashed and she will probably think that this was Kevin or Raven’s idea just because Paul could do no wrong in her eyes. I guess we will have to wait and see if she can even pull off a win on Thursday or if she will be joining her buddy Jason in the Jury house listening to all the “I told you so”s from Cody and Mark.

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