Tonight we have a special eviction episode of Big Brother 19 and by the end of it we will find out who our Final 4 are this season. We all think we know how tonight will go, because this season has been pretty predictable, but Josh was doing a lot of talking this week. If you missed any of the chatter this week, check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details!

Big Brother 2017 Who Will Be Evicted - Final 5 (POLL)

Alex was upset before the feeds shut down because she knew that Paul wasn’t going to use the POV to take her down. She had isolated herself in the Have-Nots room the last we saw. We all know that Alex was the target, but Josh was trying to talk Paul and Christmas into splitting the vote this week and possibly keeping Alex in the house to help him take on Christmas and Paul.

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We have learned throughout the season that the HGs tend to wise up when it’s too late to do anything about it. However, is it wrong for us to hope for some kind of shake up? Of course it isn’t, especially when this season has been so predictable. Alex has been gunning for Kevin for weeks and even when she had the opportunity to get him out, the house went against her and evicted Raven instead. Will the house vote Kevin out this time? Or will he dodge a third eviction?

Stay tuned for my predictions a little later, for now, let me know which HG you think will be sent home during tonight’s eviction episode of Big Brother 19!

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