This week on Big Brother 20 Bayleigh put Rachel and Brett on the block. Bayleigh’s target this week is Brett and after convincing Tyler not to use the POV to change the nominees, Bayleigh came one step closer to getting him out. Tonight we will watch as the HG vote to evict either Brett or Rachel from the Big Brother house. Here is who I think will be going home.

Tonight we will watch as the fifth HG is evicted from the Big Brother 20 house and although some of the HGs think that it will be a unanimous vote to get Brett out, there is a blindside plan in the works to actually have Brett stay.

Brett has rubbed people the wrong way in the Big Brother 20 house. He was part of a bromance and on the night his partner in crime was evicted, Brett decided to outright lie about a secret meeting with Rockstar and details a conversation where she said she would flip her vote to Brett staying. After Brett did indeed stay, she blew up on him. Like him being part of a bromance didn’t make him a big enough target.

Rachel was supposed to be a pawn this week, but after completely freaking out the moment she was put on the block, her alliance started to see her as a liability. They have secretly been trying to rally votes for Brett to stay without alerting Bayleigh’s side of the house or Rachel. The problem is, one of their deciding votes lies in the hands of JC.

JC has proven that he will play this game the way he wants, not the way someone else wants him to. Although the plan tonight is for JC to vote for Brett and then blame the flip vote on Scottie to make him a bigger target, can Tyler and L6 really count on him to keep his word?

Here is what I think:

I think that JC will not be putting a target on his back this week and will be voting with L6. I think that Brett will end up staying this week and Rachel will be sent back home to Vegas after tonight’s live eviction on Big Brother 20. The flip vote will then be pinned on Scottie, but most of all, Bayleigh and her side of the house is going to be livid by the outcome.

Who do you think will be going home tonight on Big Brother 20? Let me know by voting in my eviction poll right here! Make sure you come back later tonight for my Big Brother 20 live recap starting at 9/8c!

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