As we saw in last night’s episode of Big Brother 21, the Power of Veto was used to take Christie down who was a special third nominee as a result of America’s Field Trip. That left Kat and Cliff on the block going into tonight’s live eviction show. So who will join Jack in the Big Brother jury house? Let me know which of these nominees you think it will be by voting in our poll below!

As usual, I’m going to try and make this as spoiler-free as possible, but if you have missed any of the action inside the house, you might want to get caught up by reading my Big Brother spoilers before going into tonight’s live show.

I know a lot of people were hoping to see Christie’s picture up there this week, but instead, we were left with Cliff and Kat as the final nominees going into the week 7 eviction. Cliff was everyone’s target a couple of week’s ago but this week Tommy’s target is Kat.

While I agree with the fact that Kat has a great working relationship with everyone in the house, he has conveniently forgotten that Cliff has mentioned targeting almost everyone Tommy is close with inside the Big Brother house. Kat has talked about targeting Jackson since he broke her heart week 1 and now that the Six Shooters are no longer a thing and Jackson is clearly targeting Christie, wouldn’t you want to keep Kat in the house?

One thing that has been mentioned is that Kat seems to be too close to the people inside the house that she claims she will target, however, everyone else has befriended someone in the house they didn’t like to save their game. So why should Kat have to play her game different in order to look like less of a threat?

While Cliff and Kat were in the same alliance last week, this week they have been forced to work against each other. Which one of them will come out on top? Who will end up with more votes tonight? Let me know who you think it will be by voting in our poll:

Stay tuned for my Eviction Prediction later on. Also, make sure you come back for all our Big Brother spoilers later on tonight when I live recap the show starting at 9/8c and then live recap the endurance HOH comp from the live feeds!

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