It’s been a long week with Nicole as HOH, Jackson and Holly being put on the block and then Jackson going on to win this season’s final POV. During tonight’s episode of Big Brother, we watched as the POV Ceremony happened live and then one of the HGs were evicted from the Big Brother house. Get the details here with our Big Brother spoilers to see what happened!

We now know who the Final 3 for Big Brother 21 is and it didn’t come to much of a surprise to any of us. Jackson won the final Power of Veto for Big Brother 21 and with that he earned the right to be the sole vote this week on Big Brother. After Cliff and Nicole almost burned their F4 agreement with Jackson and Holly, Jackson vowed that he would target Nicole and Cliff if he won it.

After Jackson gave a long POV speech, he obviously used the POV to take himself off the block and with Cliff being the only renom option, he was told to take a seat in the other nomination chair. After the long, grueling eviction speeches, Jackson ultimately decided to vote out Cliff as he planned to all week. None of us really expected Jackson to keep Cliff over his girlfriend and even Cliff said during his eviction interview with Julie, he admitted that he was gullible. Uh, ya think?

Now Nicole is in the F3 with a showmance, what could go wrong?

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