The Veto Ceremony happened inside the Big Brother 21 house yesterday and a plan for who should go home has been put into play, however, there are a few days left until the live eviction. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of what happened on the Big Brother live feeds on Sunday right here!

Yesterday we started the day with the POV Ceremony. The feeds were down for about an hour while this went on and when the feeds came back up we found out that Sam used the POV on Cliff as he intended and Christie put Ovi up in his place. After the POV Ceremony, Christie told Kemi that she wants Kat to stay so that the girls stay strong.

Christie then talked to Ovi and told him that Kathryn was her target and she felt that Ovi had the best chance of staying in the house up against Kat. She tells Ovi to not change who he is and just to stay calm this week and he will be safe on Wednesday. She also mentions that she was afraid of what would have happened if she put Kemi up. She was worried there would be repercussions for it.

Jackson talks to Ovi right after to tell him that he has been put into a position where he can’t vote against Kathryn. He reassures Ovi that he wants Kathryn gone because her paranoia is starting to annoy everyone and it’s going to start reflecting on his game and not in a positive way. Meanwhile, Nick, Jack, and Isabella are outside discussing taking Ovi out this week, Kemi next week and then Kathryn the week after.

Kemi cam talks and says that Jackson and Jack are her targets if she should win HOH, but she doesn’t have a backup option. She does mention that she doesn’t want to put up any of the girls.

Ovi is convinced that he can pull off staying this week. He thinks that Nicole will get Kemi and Jessica to keep him and he thinks that Jack is working with him.

Before dinner, Nicole, Jessica, Isabella, Sam, and Nick all decide that they are going to vote out Ovi because Kathryn isn’t a threat to them. Jack reassures Kathryn that she will be safe this week and explains that her going home is not what the house wants. Jack tells her that she might have two votes against her, but she tells him that Kemi said there would be four. Jack tells her not to listen to Kemi because she is poison.

The rest of the day consisted of Ovi campaigning, which didn’t help his chances of staying this week. They all worked to tell Kathryn and Ovi that they were safe this week (Christie did tell Kathryn that she is going to tell Ovi that he is going so that he isn’t blindsided). The HGs also talked about who they would put up if they won HOH. There are a lot of people targeting Kathryn and quite a few are onto Jack and Jackson also.

There have been a lot of alliances forming inside the house. Analyse, Christie, Holly, Jack, Jackson, and Tommy have a six-person alliance. Nicole, Kemi, Isabella, and Jessica have a four-person alliance. Those are alliances outside of the F8 alliance that consists of Christie, Jack, Jackson, Tommy, Nick, Isabella, Kathryn, and Sam. There was also a smaller five-person alliance that we saw on last night’s episode that had Tommy, Christie, Analyse, Holly, and Cliff. It is very confusing at this point in time, but it is only week one which means that these alliances will shift about a hundred more times throughout the next few weeks.

With all this being said, it looks like Ovi could be the one going home this week. However, we have seen crazier things happen inside the Big Brother house in shorter periods of time. The live eviction is still a couple of days away and anything can happen. I will keep you posted on any changes between now and then!

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