Last night on Big Brother 21 we watched as Cliff was evicted from the Big Brother house and Jackson, Nicole, and Holly secured their spots in F3. After the live show aired, the F3 competed in Round 1 of the Final HOH and when the feeds came back up, we got the results! Keep reading to find out which of the F3 won and any other Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night!

When the feeds returned Jackson and Holly were talking about how hard the puzzle in the competition was and how the comp was also very physical. Holly talks about how she is worried that Round 2 might be a mental or memory comp. Jackson says that he was really surprised that Nicole didn’t win that competition. It also sounded like Holly was in second, but didn’t throw the comp to Holly like he said he would.

Nicole was in the storage room taking some medicine and icing her knee. Looks like she got hurt during the comp. She talks about how she is embarrassed about her performance and she is disgusted with herself.

After their conversation in the bathroom, Holly and Jackson move to the RV to talk to Nicole. Jackson is telling Nicole how proud of her he is and she is just trying to get over the fact that she lost the comp. Nicole tells them that she needs her space right now and some time to herself. Jackson is called to the DR and Holly sticks around just to chat with Nicole. They talk about how Nicole wanted to win this so bad to prove that she isn’t just that girl that just ended up in the F3. Holly tells her that she wanted to win that one so bad to prove that she didn’t ride Jackson’s coattails to the end.

Talks turn to F2 and how Jackson has a heck of a resume. Nicole tells Holly that if one of them wins the final HOH, she doesn’t expect to make it to F2. Holly tells her that with Jackson’s resume, it’s scary to think about going against him in the F2 with so many people in the jury that respect gameplay. Holly tells Nicole that it’s not the end yet and that there is still plenty of game to be played and still a lot of things to consider.

Talks turn to what the rest of the schedule looks like for them and what shows are left in the schedule. They then talk about how everyone in the Jury house left the Big Brother house angry at someone. They reflected on their relationships with everyone throughout the season.

After talking to Holly, Nicole talks to Jackson in the kitchen and they are talking about how many people Jackson had a hand in evicting and how she will be the next one. Jackson is trying to downplay the whole thing saying that it wasn’t some master plan. Jackson tells her that it doesn’t matter what’s happened, it’s how people feel about it and he thinks that’s what’s going to put him in second place. Jackson tells her that he truly feels that if he is up against either of them, especially Holly, he’s going to lose.

While Nicole is in the DR, Holly and Jackson are talking about their conversations with Nicole. Compare notes. Holly mentions that Nicole has told her twice now that she hasn’t given Holly enough credit and underestimated her. Makes Holly wonder if Nicole thinks that Holly doesn’t deserve to be there. Jackson later voices his concerns about the jury votes and how he thinks that everyone in the jury will vote for Holly or Nicole over him. Holly tries to tell him that they were just as upset with her too.

Before heading to bed, Jackson and Nicole talk about the comps that are coming up. Nicole says that she is scared regardless, she is scared that she has come this far and will mess it up.

The HGs spent a lot of time together towards the end of the night just chit chatting and hanging out. It is clear that Jackson is worried he might lose no matter who he is sitting next to if he makes it to F2. He has won R1 of the final HOH, R2 should be happening at some point within the next day or two and as soon as there are spoilers to report, I will have them for you.

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