It was Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother 21 house on Saturday and it was imperative for one of the noms to win in order to be safe, but could either of them pull it off? Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap to get all of the Big Brother spoilers for Saturday’s live feeds!

We started the day off with Kemi pep-talking herself saying that she is going to win the POV and make Jess cry some more. Moments later, Bella walks in and they talk about what they think Sam will do with the POV. Kemi then mentions how divided the house is and tells Bella that the HGs in the outer ring of the other alliance are expendable to the group.

POV Players were picked and when the feeds come back up we find out that Bella, Sam, and Jackson were picked to play. David and Ovi were talking about how Jess felt comfortable picking Jackson to play (she got HG Choice). Jackson asks Jack what he wants him to do and Jack says “don’t use it” and Jackson asks “don’t use it?” Jack then asks him what he wants to do with it. Jackson tells him that selfishly he would like to use it so that Kat goes up. He adds that he won’t use it though and will keep the noms the same. Meanwhile, Sam and Bella are downstairs and Bella tells him that she hopes that Jess and Kemi understand that she can’t use it. Sam tells her that he doesn’t even want to play. He says he doesn’t feel good and doesn’t want to win it, but he is going to “full send” it (meaning he is going to give it his all).

Jess tells Analyse and Jack that she is upset that she was nominated because of her support for “girl power” and says that she didn’t even start the alliance. She then suggests that the alliance was probably fake so that it could be used to frame her later. Jack tells her she shouldn’t make waves by talking about it too much while she’s on the block. It could make trouble for her with the other HGs.

The feeds go down for the POV Comp and when they come back up we find out that Sam won the POV. Jack and Nick have a conversation about who should go. Jack tells Nick that he isn’t pushing for Kemi to go, but he is. Holly, Jack, and Kat agree that Kemi needs to go. They also think that they can get Jess on their side. Meanwhile, Sam tells Kemi that he would rather see her stay over Jess and Kemi mentions that Kat would be the renom if he used the POV and Kat would stay over Jess. Later, Bella mentions that she thinks she can convince Jack that Jess is more of a threat to their Gr8ful alliance. What she doesn’t realize is that Gr8ful has caught on to her playing both sides of the house.

Ovi, Nicole, and Cliff are talking later on and they know they are targets but they also know they are low priority targets. They made their three-person alliance official. They also talk about trying to get Jess to blow up her own spot and how they can make Bella a bigger target so they take out one of their own.

Nick, Sam, and Bella talked with Kemi later on about Jess and how she is acting since being put on the block. Kemi says she expects to be evicted this week but isn’t worried about having to beat Ovi and David in a Battle Back. Kemi then wonders who the fourth HG will be in Camp Comeback. Bella says it will be Jess because she (B) will win the HOH and put her up.

Nick and Sam have a private conversation later about the eviction. They both agree that they would rather see Jess go over Kemi because Kemi won’t target the two of them. They talk about how Jack is set on evicting Kemi and is trying to play it off like it’s better for the group when it’s only better for him (J).

While it is looking like Sam doesn’t want to make big waves this week, however, he really doesn’t want to see Kemi go. He plans to push for Jess to go over Kemi and has another day to make it happen with the POV Ceremony happening sometime on Monday.

Make sure you come back tonight to find out which of the HGs won the Chaos Power in the Whacktivity Comp and watch as Jack makes his nominations.

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