Monday is POV Ceremony day in the Big Brother 21 house and with that always comes a bit of paranoia. We also watched as this week’s target started putting together his campaign and tried to come up with a deal to help sway the votes in his favor. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

It was an early morning for Jack inside the Big Brother house. Allen the Alien, his punishment from the POV comp, came to visit twice in the middle of the night. Once at 4:30 AM where Jack was told he had to wake up all the HGs and then tuck them back into bed. Allen then told him that he had to clean the bathroom and after he was done cleaning the bathroom, Allen reminded Jack that he has to exercise every day. Allen then brought Jack out into the yard and told him to swim laps in the pool. When he was done swimming laps in the pool, Allen told him to get into one of the little canoes they have and do laps around the pool in that and gave him the pool skimmer as a paddle. When the feeds came back up after all this happened, we found Jack still in the canoe and in the pool, all alone at 5 AM.

The feeds went down again about an hour and a half later when Allen came back into the Big Brother house. Allen told Jack that he needed a meal for his long journey home so Jack made him a sandwich and Allen made him cut off the crust. He also cut up some fruit and put potato chips in sandwich bags and while Jack was doing this, Allen smashed two cantaloupes. Allen then told Jack that he was thirsty and needed something that would make him full of energy. Jack made them both coffee. Allen took the bag of sugar and put a half cup of sugar into Jack’s cup and just a tiny bit in his own. After doing a couple of toasts, Allen spits the coffee out saying how disgusting it is and then proceeded to pour both cups of coffee out all over the kitchen bar counter. Allen then left with his sandwich, fruit, and chips and moments later the door opened again and the food came flying back into the house and hit the wall. I can’t tell you how hard I was laughing every time Jack retold this story yesterday.

After Jack was done cleaning up after Allen, he started to cook breakfast and made more coffee. He set up a little table in the backyard near the hammock and then went in and woke Analyse up to surprise her. He made a comment about this maybe being the last day he could have done this (the backyard is locked today for construction) because there is a good chance he is walking out of the Big Brother 21 house Thursday.

Jack talks to Analyse and Tommy about a deal he would like to make to Cliff in order to try and sway his vote. The details of this deal are, he would offer Cliff three weeks of safety, but Cliff could put Jack up if he sees fit. If Cliff counters with four weeks of safety, then Cliff also would have to offer Jack the same deal. They think that this is a great idea, but Analyse filled Jack in on the fact that Nick told her Cliff wasn’t budging with his vote. Jack tells her he is going to try anyway, but he has to wait until last minute so that Jackson doesn’t come up with a counteroffer.

The POV Ceremony happened, Jessica did not use the POV as expected. Jack and Jackson are on the block together going into Thursday night’s live show. This sparked some emotions from everyone from the Six and they had a short meeting just to apologize to each other, however, they all agree that the Six can’t work together anymore.

Analyse and Jack have a talk about Christie and how she is terrible for both of their games and is the primary reason Jack is on the block, to begin with. Jack tells her that if he stays, he will bury Christie, but for now, they need to act like everything is okay because he needs her vote.

Jack goes to Jessica and apologizes to her for leaving her out of the loop and says that he knows how it feels to be on the outside now. He explains to her again what happened with Jackson was to cause a rift between Jack and Christie and because he is loyal to a fault to Christie, he found these things hard to believe and tried to do whatever he could to hurt Jackson’s game, which included getting Kat out of the house. He tells her that he isn’t happy with the way it went and now realizes it was a panicked decision.

Kat and Holly have a talk about Tommy. Kat is upset with Tommy and they agree that Christie and Tommy need to go and how the two of them should try to work with Analyse a little longer to try and make that happen.

Nick and Cliff talk about how Jack wants them to flip in order to keep Jack in the house. Nick says that he is going to keep acting like it’s a possibility, but Jackson would have to do something really stupid in order for Nick to change how he is voting. Cliff later assured Jackson that he has his vote to stay this week. He said that they have to break up the trio.

Jackson also got his punishment from the POV Comp, he is in a white lab coat and glasses. Every time he is called, he has to go out into the backyard and he gets slimed.

As of right now, it doesn’t look like anyone is budging with their vote, however, Jack doesn’t plan to go to Cliff with his deal until later in the week. Not that I see Cliff going against his alliance this week, but I also didn’t see him putting Bella up as a renom during his HOH. We will see what happens within the next couple of days.

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